Under the radar: Miller overcomes injury in Texas

A mountain bike accident in California left ‘Jackass’ with a shoulder and collarbone injury

Jack Miller (Alma Pramac Racing) produced another strong ride in Sunday’s Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas race to finish ninth from P18 on the grid – his sixth consecutive top ten. However, there’s more to his battling performance than what meets the eye.

After his fantastic weekend in Argentina, Miller travelled to California to do some training before heading to Austin. But whilst mountain biking out in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, he fell off - the Australian spoke about the accident in his personal blog.

“We kept pretty quiet about the shoulder all weekend, but now we're done, I can admit that it wasn't great. I was out training in California after Argentina, and I fell off doing some mountain biking. The injuries are nothing that some rest time and recovery can't handle, but I ended up with some muscle damage, some bruising and a little tear on my rotator cuff on my right shoulder. And a crack in my collarbone as well. I tell you, sometimes the time between the races can be more dangerous than the race weekends themselves.”

Another solid day ????????????

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The Ducati rider, along with Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda Team), proved just how physically and mentally tough MotoGP™ riders are. Thankfully, Miller’s injury doesn’t seem to be too serious, with the number 43 looking forward to getting his shoulder ready for round four of the Championship.

“It's back to Europe now after a long few weeks away, and it'll be good to get back "home" and do some training, and try to get the shoulder more right for Jerez.”