Kornfeil: “It was just like motocross training!”

The Czech rider talks through THAT save – and some consequences you may not have thought about…

You’ve probably seen it by now, but Jakub Kornfeil’s (Redox PrüstelGP) 150th GP didn’t quite go to plan, with a spectacular crash/incident near the end of the race then making history as one of the most unbelievable saves ever. Unable to avoid the fallen bike of Enea Bastianini (Leopard Racing), Kornfeil hit the Honda dead center and it launched him skywards, looking like it was going to be a big crash. But not so, as Kornfeil landed in the gravel, kept it pinned and then simply…rode away. He even came home sixth in the race!

So how was it on board?

“I just saw the bike in front of me, so I could make the perfect jump and I just said ‘ok, that’s just like motocross training!’ I just opened the gas and tried, in the air, and tried to survive and stay on the bike. When I landed it was very soft, into the gravel. The problem was that when I was in the air, my airbag went off, and that made me a bit uncomfortable. I don’t know how I saved it! In my mind there was only one sentence: ‘keep the gas,’ because when you land in motocross always need to have the throttle. And that’s what I did!”

There were, however, some consequences despite the incredible landing and Kornfeil being able to get straight back in the race. Moto3™ bikes aren’t quite set up for motocross…

“After the finish line I opened my leather suit, I gave my chest protector to the marshals on the finish straight and tried to stretch a little bit! The only problem was not my balls but my penis hurt a lot on the last lap!”