High abrasion and high speed for the tyres in Austria

As one of the most unique circuits on the calendar, the Red Bull Ring poses a new challenge for Michelin

Round 11 sees Michelin make a swift trip from the Czech Republic down to Austria as the Official MotoGP™ Class Tyre prepare for the first back-to-back of the season, at one of the most unusual and challenging tracks on the calendar.

Michelin - english - austria

The Spielberg layout is 4.318km in length and has highest average lap speed of the season, as well as a highly abrasive asphalt. The Red Bull Ring features just two definite left-hand corners, along with a slight but fast left curve, as opposed to seven right-hand bends that put added stress on that side of the tyre.

Therefore, Michelin have a selection of soft, medium and hard asymmetric rear tyres, with the right-hand-side having a harder rubber. On the other hand, the front tyres will have a symmetrical design for the same three compounds.

Michelin - english - austria

Piero Taramasso – Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager said: “This is one of the tracks on the calendar that creates the highest heat in the tyres. It’s the fastest circuit and one that demands a different approach. We use a carcass that is designed to control the temperature, so that it doesn’t overheat and still gives optimum performance over the race distance. We know this construction works as we have had successful results with it and are convinced it will deliver what all the riders and teams need. Despite the track being very abrasive, we have the compounds suitably matched for the surface and in the two previous visits we have been very pleased with how the tyres have behaved throughout the whole race and we are confident that will be the case this year and we’ll have as good a race as there was in 2017.”