Jarvis confirms: Morbidelli and Quartararo at SIC Yamaha

Yamaha Factory Racing Managing Director confirmed the line up to Simon Crafar

Yamaha Factory Racing Managing Director Lin Jarvis confirmed the rider line-up for the new satellite SIC-run Yamaha team from 2019: Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Quartararo, as rumoured for some time.

Speaking to World Feed pitlane reporter Simon Crafar during Warm Up, Jarvis was asked about Yamaha’s role in choosing riders for the satellite outfit – and said it’s not their choice, but they do indeed have a say.

“I wouldn’t say we don’t have a say but ultimately the decision on the riders is that of the satellite team,” he affirms. “They’re an Independent Team. Of course, any rider they select needs to be finally approved by us at being at the level and the capacity to ride the M1. So they’ve chosen to go for Franco Morbidelli, who is a rider who is very interesting to us because he’s a World Champion, he’s an Academy rider and he definitely has talent. I think he’ll do better on the M1 than he is doing this year on the Honda so in the case of Franco there was no doubt at all from the beginning.”

And the second rider? It will be Quartararo, confirms Jarvis:

“In the case of Quartararo he will be a rookie, but he’s young – only 19 – and he’s definitely talented. He lost his way maybe for a year or two but he’s showing promise again this year. But I think he could be one of the very good riders for the future. I think the case of Syahrin has shown that sometimes you can take a choice and if the guy’s got talent and is brought in without expectation, he can deliver. So we’re quite comfortable with the choice.”

Finally, on the equipment the team will be supplied by Yamaha, Jarvis was more coy. Will it be something like Tech 3 or more than that?

“It will be something like Tech 3 or more than that,” replies the Yamaha Factory Racing Managing Director.

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