Tyres for Thailand: MotoGP™ heads to pastures new

More choice for the riders as Buriram hosts the start of a new Grand Prix motorcycle racing chapter

Michelin and the MotoGP™ paddock are heading to north-eastern Thailand to kick-start a new Grand Prix chapter as the Chang International Circuit gets ready to host the TT Thailand Grand Prix.

Michelin THA Prev - en

Despite being a brand-new circuit to the calendar, a pre-season test in Buriram at beginning of this year has allowed Michelin to gain some valuable data, which they have used to construct specific rear tyres to cope with the high temperatures that will be generated. With this in mind, Michelin have brought four Power Slick rear tyre compounds: a soft, two mediums and a hard. All four will be asymmetrical in design with a harder right-hand shoulder to cope with the layout of seven right-turns, as opposed to five left-handers. For the front slick tyres, three symmetric compounds will be available: soft, medium and hard.

Michelin THA Prev - en

With it still officially being monsoon season in Thailand, the weather could play a vital part in proceedings. Therefore, Michelin’s Power Rain tyres could be making a regular appearance and these will be available in the usual soft and medium compounds. The rear medium will be symmetric, but the soft rear having an asymmetric finish with a harder right-side, just like the slicks.

Piero Taramasso – Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager:

“We had the pre-season test at Buriram and got some really valuable information. We have brought specific rears to this race which have been purposely designed for this track – the same as what we do in Austria and Australia because these are very unusual circuits and require special tyres.  These are completely new and were designed after the test, but before we had to give the allocation for the season, so we have two mediums, as this will allow us to decide which is the compound best suited to the track and assist with next year’s allocation. It will also give all the riders the best options to get the most from their respective bikes. All the plans for dry track time could be wasted though, as it is the monsoon season in Thailand and there is a chance of wet weather. We hope this isn’t the case, but if it does we have a range of MICHELIN Power Rain tyres that should be able to cope with whatever nature sends our way. We’re really looking forward to the first visit to Thailand and expect a huge crowd, so we’ll all want to put on a great show for them and Michelin will certainly play a part in that.” 

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