Time schedule: Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley

The Tuscan hills and Mugello awaits the soundtrack of MotoGP™ - don’t miss a minute of the action!

The Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, host to the Gran Premio d’Italia Oakley, is always one of the most eagerly anticipated weekends on the MotoGP™ calendar for riders and fans alike. It’s three days of pulsating track action you don’t want to miss.

The first sound of rumbling prototype machines rolling down the Mugello pitlane will be the Moto3™ riders at 09:00 local time (GMT+2) for FP1, before the Tuscan hills come alive with the sound of MotoGP™ bikes at 09:55, with the Moto2™ riders getting their first taste of Mugello track action in 2019 at 10:55. MotoGP™ FP2 kicks off at 14:10.

The lightweight class will begin Saturday’s proceedings at 09:00 local time, with MotoGP™ FP3 and Moto2™ FP3 following at the same time they do on Friday. 12:35 is the time to tune in for qualifying as the Moto3™ riders head out for Q1, with their Q2 going green at 13:00. MotoGP™ FP4 takes place at 13:30 ahead of qualifying, Q1 for the premier class fires into life at 14:10, with the battle for pole position at the Italian GP getting underway at 14:35. Moto2™ qualifying starts at 15:05.

Then, it’s race day in Italy! Warm Ups get things off to a steady start before the real action begins at 11:00 with the Moto3™ race. Moto2™ will battle for the win at 12:20 before the MotoGP™ boys go head-to-head at Mugello, 14:00 is when lights will go out.

To see the time schedule in full, see below (all times in local time – GMT+2):

Thursday 30th May:
17:00 – Pre-event Press Conference

Friday 31st May:
09:00-09:40 – Moto3™ FP1
09:55-10:40 – MotoGP™ FP1
10:55-11:35 – Moto2™ FP1
13:15-13:55 – Moto3™ FP2
14:10-14:55 – MotoGP™ FP2
15:10-15:50 – Moto2™ FP2

Saturday 1st June:
09:00-09:40 – Moto3™ FP3
09:55-10:40 – MotoGP™ FP3
10:55-11:35 – Moto2™ FP3
12:35-12:50 – Moto3™ Q1
13:00-13:15 – Moto3™ Q2
13:30-14:00 – MotoGP™ FP4
14:10-14:25 – MotoGP™ Q1
14:35-14:50 – MotoGP™ Q2
15:05-15:20 – Moto2™ Q1
15:30-15:45 – Moto2™ Q2
17:00 – Qualifying Press Conference

Sunday 2nd June:
08:40-09:00 – Moto3™ Warm Up
09:10-09:30 – Moto2™ Warm Up
09:40-10:00 – MotoGP™ Warm Up
11:00 – Moto3™ Race
12:20 – Moto2™ Race
14:00 – MotoGP™ Race

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