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Are you ready for your trip to Tuscany and Mugello?

Stunning scenery, a country with an enduring love affair with bike racing and the magnificent Mugello circuit – plan your trip now!

For riders and fans alike, the Italian GP is always one of the most eagerly anticipated events on the MotoGP™ calendar.

The first time that Mugello hosted a Grand Prix event was in the year 1976, and the layout of the stunning Tuscan circuit, which undulates naturally within a beautiful tree lined valley, has remained practically the same ever since. And it remains one of the best race tracks the MotoGP™ paddock visits.

Tuscany: the heart of Italy

And this is also one of the reasons why Mugello is on MotoGP™ fans’ bucket lists. Other reasons? Well, Tuscany hosts fascinating cities, stunning mountains and lakes, breathtaking coastline, great weather, excellent wine, amazing cuisine, thousands of years of history and classic architecture... What more could you want from a holiday destination?

Check out’s Italian GP destination guide and book your place at the Italian GP now!

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