Visit Spielberg - the culture cove of Austria

MotoGP™ returns to Austria for the fourth time in 2019, so check out our go-to guide ahead of your trip to the Red Bull Ring

The Red Bull Ring in Spielberg is located beautifully in the Murtal-region of Styria, Austria. The circuit was originally built in 1969, then known as the Österreichring. In 1996, it was rebuilt with the track-layout it still has today and in 2011 was reopened as the Red Bull Ring and again became the centre of Austrian motorsports. The sloping terrain and the natural arena are trademark features of the Red Bull Ring with the 18-metre-high landmark “Bull of Spielberg” in the centre and the voestalpine wing offering a spectacular architectural highlight.

The MotoGP World Championship returned to Austria in 2016 after a break of 18 years, which meant a return to Austria’s rich history, rugged Alpine terrain, marvellous capital Vienna, picturesque mountain villages and wonderful peaks, valleys, forests, rivers and lakes. Visitors to Vienna are struck by the stunning Baroque architecture, the imposing imperial palaces, beautiful opera houses and the elegant restaurants and coffee-houses. This is a richly cultural capital, full of artistic and musical masterpieces, where the influences of Mozart, Beethoven, Freud, Schiele and Klimt are still highly evident.

Away from Vienna, Austria has many other fine cities, such as Innsbruck and Salzburg. Additionally, the state of Styria, located in the southeast of Austria is known for its excellent wines, spas and beautiful castles. People visit this area of the world just to spend their time relaxing indoors. This is a vast, natural adventure-playground where there is something for everyone. Leisurely exploring the Austrian countryside, you will find villages and towns that have existed for over a thousand years, with ancient castles and picturesque chalets dotted around the landscape.

Try some hotdogs such as Käsekrainer (spicy cheese sausage) and Bosna (spicy, thin Balkan sausage) or a Schnitzel (tenderized meat) in a local Kaffeehäuser. Here you can have a decent bite to eat and a drink for €10, especially if you take advantage of a set menu at lunchtime (Tagesmenu). Austrians are also big fans of pastries and cakes, with many bars and cafes offer a tempting selection. Beer and winemaking are long traditions in Austria, and beer is enjoyed in the Krügerl (half-litre) by many locals, whilst the excellent local wine comes in a Viertel (large glass) or an Achterl (small glass).

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