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The stakes are high… The 2019 Final Draft starts now!

It’s time for the fastest gamers from Europe and the Rest of the World to stake their claim for the most competitive bike

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The third running of the MotoGP™ eSport Championship now enters the business end of proceedings, and action begins at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar. Playing as MotoGP™ rookie sensation Fabio Quartararo, the fastest gamers from the European and Rest of the World Drafts will take the Petronas Yamaha SRT M1 to the limit with the conditions set to ‘Dry’ in the Final Draft.

The challenge runs from the 15th to 18th August.

The stakes are high… The 2019 Final Draft starts now!

Gamers must master a certain track in certain conditions in time attack mode. But instead of one flying lap, the time is set from a run of three laps. Ideal trajectory and rewind will be unavailable during time-trials in the premier-class - meaning pure gaming skill is what’s required to beat the fastest in the world. The machine and rider are also pre-selected and designed specifically for the Pro Draft. All players will use the PC for this event.

The quickest nine from Europe, comprising of three from each console, and the fastest three from the rest of the world, one per console, are present in the Final Draft. This determines which current MotoGP™ team each contestant represents in the Global Series, a six-race championship that will be held at three different locations visited by the MotoGP™ World Championship.

The quickest rider here will then have first pick of the MotoGP team he wishes to represent in the Global Series. The second fastest has the second pick, and so on. The exception to the rule is the reigning eSport Champion, Trastevere73. As he is the current Champion, he will choose first.