Japan: a fascinating mix of ancient and new

Home to Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, the Land of the Rising Sun is a must-visit in so many ways

Travelling to Japan in general is an inspiring experience and the country’s vast sprawling capital Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities to visit. Throw in the fact that the country is home to MotoGP™ powerhouses Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, and you have a Grand Prix that has to be near the summit of every MotoGP™ fans’ list.

Destination Guide - Japan

In terms of the Grand Prix weekend, the Twin Ring Motegi has been a permanent fixture on the calendar since 1999, with Japan boasting a rich motorcycle racing heritage. When visiting Motegi, the Honda Collection Hall museum is a must-see, with more than 300 two and four-wheeled vehicles on display, from production machinery to race prototypes, demonstrating decades of automotive history.

Staying in or visiting nearby Mito will give you a feel for a smaller Japanese city, but make sure you also schedule in some time in Tokyo, to experience one of the great capital cities.

Destination Guide - Japan

In Tokyo itself any visitor will have a plethora of things to see and experience, such as a stroll in the city’s Shinjuku-gyoen park, some shopping at Nakano Broadway (a vintage 1960s shopping mall), or taking in the hustle-bustle of Shibuya Crossing, which is said to be the busiest intersection in the world. The Meiji Shrine is Tokyo's most famous Shinto shrine. Seeing Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji is also an enjoyable day trip from Tokyo by bullet train.

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Destination Guide - Japan
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