All you need to know about the 2020 Pro Draft phase

The 2020 MotoGP eSport Championship fires into life at the beginning of March. Here are some FAQ on the first stage of this year’s series.

On the back of its stunning success in 2019, the MotoGP™ eSport Championship is back and better than ever for the new season with an expanded format, four-round Global Series and a chance for gamers to become part of the MotoGP™ experience all reasons to stay tuned.

New for this year, there will be one online Pro Draft, consisting of three Online Challenges, which will select the fastest gamers in the world for the four-round Global Series. So how does the Pro Draft Work? Here we address some FAQ on the new format.

How do I enter at de competition?
Before participating in any of the qualifying events, you must be enrolled to compete in the MotoGP™ eSports Championship. To start your journey to the top, login with your account or register a new one and be sure to accept the 2020 Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms of Participation.

How is it structured?
The Pro Draft consists of three Online Challenges which will be disputed in time attack mode on a particular track, with a particular MotoGP™ rider and a particular bike without any opponents.

When does it start?
Each of the three Online Challenges will run for four days (from Thursday to Sunday). The first of these begins on the 5th of March at 11.00pm CET and runs until the 8th at 7.00pm CET. The second gets underway on the 19th of March at 11.00pm CET and ends on the 22nd at 7.00pm CET. And the third and final Online Challenge runs from the 2nd at 11.00pm CET to the 5th of April at 7.00pm CET.

What game do I use?
Gamers around the world will use the MotoGP19 videogame for all three Online Challenges.

What console do I use?
During the first Online Challenge all gamers will be able to compete across multiple platforms (Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and PC). After the first Online Challenge, gamers must compete with the platform with which they achieved their best position.

How do I qualify?
When competing in each Online Challenge, gamers will be classified in one of two categories: those from Europe and those from the Rest of the World. The gamers setting the fastest times will be awarded points. At the end of the third Online Challenge the 16 gamers with the most points in the European classification and the six from the Rest of the World classification will make up the 22 riders that qualify for the Draft Selection.

How does the points system work?
A new feature for the first stage of the 2020 MotoGP™ eSports Championship, the results of each Online Challenge is accumulative. The top 45 gamers from each world region (the best 15 per platform) will be awarded points depending on their finishing position using the official MotoGP™ scoring system.

That scoring system is as follows: 25 points for 1st, 20 for 2nd, 16 for 3rd, 13 for 4th, 11 for 5th, 10 for 6th, 9 for 7th, 8 for 8th, 7 for 9th, 6 for 10th, 5 for 11th, 4 for 12th, 3 for 13th, 2 for 14th and 1 for 15th.

What bikes and tracks will be used for the Online Challenges?
Shhh! It's a secret at this moment. The specifics will be revealed during the week of each Online Challenge!

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