Mir: "All we can do is stay strong and be united"

The Spaniard chatted with Team Suzuki Ecstar to have a quick catch up while he stays at home

Team Suzuki Ecstar asked Joan Mir to tell them what it’s like to be stuck at home; how does it affect his training and his life in general? How much is he following the news? In this interview he reveals all, adding ‘health is much more important than fame or riding bikes.’

Joan Mir, Team Suzuki Ecstar

QUESTION: How is it being at home and watching the Covid-19 crisis develop?

JOAN MIR: “I am extremely surprised by the evolution of the virus around the world and all the damage it is causing to thousands of families. Honestly speaking, it is sad and a big shame what we are all going through. All we can do is stay strong and be united.”

Q: Are you one to watch TV all day trying to follow the news, or do you prefer to try and distract yourself from the situation?

JM: “Not all day, but I do watch the news to try to understand the situation a little more. I prefer not to obsess, but I follow everything carefully and trust the experts - I think they will be making the best decisions for everyone.”

Q: What is your favourite way to pass the time so as not to think too much about the outbreak?

JM: “Well, I try to continue with ‘normal life’, but it is evident that us riders cannot train like before because we have limitations and restrictions. We cannot do motorcycle training, but I try to train at home in a mini gym that I have. I try to take it day by day with as much patience as possible.”

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