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By Petronas Sprinta Racing

Dixon: "I’ve been doing a lot with the fans on the PS4"

The Petronas Sprinta Racing rider reveals how he’s creating entertainment for the fans while everyone is in lockdown

Petronas Sprinta Racing caught up with their rider Jake Dixon as the British rider reveals all about life in lockdown in the UK.

How are you and where are you living at this time?

“I’m fine, and my family is fine too. I’m at my home with my wife and my dog in the UK, where I’m normally based anyway, so that’s good. It is just about lockdown conditions here, some difficult times to deal with but I’m doing well.”

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When did the quarantine start for you and how are you dealing with it?

“We started about two and a half weeks ago. It’s not too bad. We can still go out but only for food and exercise. Apart from going and riding motorbikes I normally stay at home and train anyway, so in some ways it’s actually not much different!"

How are you training and keeping fit?

“I’m lucky enough to have a gym at my house so I’m able to train and keep to my normal gym routine at home. I’m used to doing this so it doesn’t really feel any different to usual.”

Apart from training, what are you doing?

“I’ve just ordered a few things to keep me occupied throughout the day. I’ve got my PS4, my basketball hoop that I’ve been using and just catching up with bits and bobs around the house. Got the fences to paint so I’ll be starting that soon.”

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Have you started to do something new or something you haven’t had time to do until now?

“Actually no, I have far too much to do around the house than try to add doing something new to that!”

Who are you playing the PS4 with? Are you also doing anything on social media with the fans?

“I’ve been doing a lot with fans on the PS4, I’ve been doing a few competitions with them and it’s just good fun to have a few MotoGP races with them. I’ve also been doing some Instagram Live sessions with other riders and I’ve also done one this week on the MotoGP channel. I like to have this kind of conversation with the fans because normally we are not able to do it during the season.”

How were the first few months joining the team?

“Obviously it was really good to start the first round in Qatar, but it’s a shame that it came to an end after that. It was also a little strange not having the MotoGP riders there, but it was good to get racing again. The team is awesome though; they’re the best! They operate at such a high calibre that it really is a dream to be a part of it.”

Are you keeping in contact with them?

“We have weekly video calls with those who work with me, it’s become a really good group in just the short time that we’ve been together. I hope they stay safe and I can’t wait until we can all meet up in the flesh again.”

Do you have a message for all those also in quarantine at the moment?

“Just stay strong and make sure you’re obeying the rules where you are. The more people keep to the lockdown rules, the sooner we will go back to normal. Also I hope everyone stays safe, stays at home and keeps washing their hands.”

And for the MotoGP™ fans?

“I really recommend watching old races, because there’s definitely some good ones to watch again, and you can spend hours watching them! Just stay safe and stay strong – hopefully we’ll be back racing soon.”

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