Meet the European gamers in 2020’s Pro Draft Selection

16 Europeans have secured a spot into the Draft Selection with a chance of gaining a place in the Global Series

By Friday the 17th of April the eleven first choice finalists in the Global Series of this year’s MotoGP™ eSport Championship will be known.

Following on from the Pro Draft stage of the series, 22 of the world’s fastest gamers were entered into the Draft Selection, which allows the eleven MotoGP teams to select one to represent them in the Global Series. The Draft Selection runs from 5th to 17th of April.

16 of these gamers are from the European classification of the Global Series, with the further six being made up of participants from the Rest of the World. So let’s look through a number of the fastest gamers from Europe. Remember only eleven will begin the Global Series with a current MotoGP™ team, while the other eleven will be selected as a team’s ‘Reserve Rider’. As we’re about to see, there is a mixed selection of top level experience and new blood for the current MotoGP™ teams to choose from!

To start with the reigning MotoGP™ eSport Champion, AndrewZH has already been signed to represent Ducati Corse. The 19-year old Italian triumphed in last year’s series by two points in a dramatic finale at Valencia. Born and bred in Bologna, Italy, he is steeped in the traditions of Ducati, the brand which he also represented in 2019. Andrew ZH placed eighth in this year’s Pro Draft classification.

The other European name to be signed up for the Global Series is MotoGP™ eSport star Trastevere73. The winner of the first two eSport Championships in 2017 and 2018, the Italian came within a whisker of triumphing for a third time in 2019. Like last season, Trastevere73 will once again represent Monster Energy Yamaha in this season’s Global Series after placing tenth in the Pro Draft Classification.

But both names were outshone in the Pro Draft by the rapid brother combination of Williams_Cristian and Williams_Adrian – previously competing in the MotoGP™ eSport Championship as CRISTIANMM17 and AADRIAN_26. The two Spaniards represented Suzuki in the 2019 Global Series, with Williams_Cristian finishing third overall and winning a handful of races. The pair were tied on 70 points and would be an attractive proposition for any team.

Other names from the competition in previous seasons also figured at the front of the Pro Draft. Spanish trio and 2019 finalists EleGhosT555 (fifth), Juan_nh16 (sixth) and XxBoMbeR_45xX (twelfth) were all present inside the top 16 and will be available for selection.

Italian duo fenny5vr46 and Riky are two new names that could be added into the Global Series mix and would represent an interesting prospect for any budding MotoGP™ team. Fenny5vr46 took a total of 65 points from the three Online Challenges that made up the Global Series, surpassed only by Williams_Cristian and Williams_Adrian. Countryman Riky, meanwhile, amassed 61 points, placing him fourth in the classification.

Cal Crutchlow is the UK’s sole full-time representative in MotoGP™ and is a three-time winner in the class. Could an eSport competitor from the British Isles be running at the front of this year’s Global Series? It’s entirely possible after the Brit Jack Hammer4658’s performance in the Pro Draft, where he placed seventh in the standings. Likewise wallydj – 15th in the European Pro Draft Classification – could be an outside pick for a MotoGP™ team.

Or could a selection come from another of the Pro Draft’s top 16? The Spaniard and former Cuna de Campeones rider JulitoCampeon15 was ninth overall. Another gamer hailing from Spain – Joel_Clay – was 13th. Likewise a team may take a chance on the well known names from past editions such as Motero_1 from Spain, Davidegallina23 and Vindex813 from Italy, who placed 14th and 16th in the Pro Draft.

European Pro Draft Classification:

1. Williams_Cristian - 70 points
2. Williams_Adrian - 70 points
3. fenny5vr46_ - 65 points
4. Riky - 61 points
5. EleGhosT555 - 61 points
6. Juan_nh16 - 56 points
7. Jack Hammer4658 - 49 points
8. AndrewZh - 49 points
9. JulitoCampeon15 - 42 points
10. trastevere73 - 42 points
11. Motero_1 - 40 points
12. XxBoMbeR_45xX - 39 points
13. Joel_Clay - 36 points
14. Davidegallina23 - 35 points
15. wallydj - 33 points
16. Vindex813 - 33 points

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