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By Last On The Brakes

What's it like being a pillion on Ducati's two seater?

British comedian Ross Noble explained what sitting on the back of a Desmosedici is really like on the latest episode of the MotoGP™ podcast

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On this week's Last On The Brakes, the official MotoGP™ podcast, hosts Matt Dunn and Fran Wyld were joined by British stand-up comedian and huge bike fan Ross Noble. The trio laughed their way through a wide range of different topics, with Noble even detailing his experience of being on the back of Randy Mamola's Ducati two-seater.

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Unsurprisingly, the Geordie used some quite colourful language to describe exactly what it feels like to be hanging onto the back of a MotoGP™ Legend around Donington Park. We've even delved into the MotoGP™ archives below to find his reaction from that day in 2008, but you can hear him recount his memories of that day on the latest episode of Last On The Brakes.

"Am I allowed to say 'absolutely f*cking terrifying'? It was incredible," started Noble."It was one of those things where I thought, well, I’m never going to get a chance to experience that properly. So Randy said "tap me on the shoulder if I’m going too fast", and I just said, ‘look, I don’t care if I come off, let’s go all out… just show off'. And by the time we got the first corner I thought, 'oh God, this isn’t a good idea'."

English comedian Ross Noble on Ducati x2 experience at Donington

"It was incredible, the front wheel, trail braking, and you’re wondering how the front hasn’t gone. The front wheel was coming off the ground while we were leant over. What a treat. So there was one point, I don’t remember where on the track, but I looked across at the big screen and it was being shown there, I thought 'oh look, it’s me!' And we turned into the next corner and I was going 'AHHHHHH!!'"

Click the links at the top of the article to have a listen to this week’s podcast, or you can watch it on YouTube! Here are some of the other topics you can look forward to on Last On The Brakes this week:

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- Slow speed trials vs high speed racing
- How the physical aspect of riding has changed
- When Ross met Marc Marquez
- How riders should mess around with the media and their competitors
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- Using a TV career to fund your motorcycle obsession?
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