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Mission Winnow Presents: Powering Innovation

The new podcast will have an emphasis on the technological and innovation that helps MotoGP™ advance

Tags MotoGP, 2021

Are you already missing your weekly fix of MotoGP™? Well, fear not as a new podcast is on its way to keep you tiding over in the run up to Christmas as Mission Winnow presents: Powering Information.

It is a brand new series devoted to keeping you updated on the technology and innovation that is in MotoGP™ as motorsport enthusiast and YouTube influencer Alberto Naska is joined by motorcycling expert Steve English each week. Together, the pair will crunch the big numbers from MotoGP™ and break it down to see how it affects the state of play in every Grand Prix, while sharing some of their own experiences for the listeners.

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Six episodes will be released weekly, the first of which will be available to listen to from Friday the 4th of December. If you are already a fan of’s podcasts, then you will have little trouble finding it as it is on all our usual channels but if you are new to our podcast game, then you can follow it by clicking on the widget above.

Make sure you don’t miss out as the show discusses topics like what it takes to get race ready and how teams extract speed from race data over the course of the series.

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