Powering Innovation: all episodes available now

In this special six-part MotoGP™ Podcast series, Steve English and Alberto Naska delve into the technological aspects behind MotoGP™

MotoGP™, together with Mission Winnow, recently launched a brand-new podcast that will keep you fully updated on every aspect of the technology that drives premier class racing: Powering Innovation.

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Hosted by Steve English and Alberto Naska, the pair sat down for six episodes to detail how MotoGP™ machines, and everything that surrounds them, are put together to create the greatest show on two-wheels.

Across the series, English and Naska take an in-depth look at how riders are able to hold their breath for up to two-thirds of every lap and also able to walk away from impacts of up to 25G in frightening crashes.

They also dive in on the premier class weapons themselves, from the 2000 parts that make up a MotoGP™ bike, the staggering 265 horsepower they’re capable of producing and the 9GB of data generated per bike per Grand Prix.

If you want to crunch the big numbers from MotoGP™ and break it down to see how it affects the state of play in every Grand Prix… start listening now!

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