Leo Rammerstorfer ends season as Champion

It was an exhilarating season finale of the Austrian Junior Cup, Austria's new youth motorbike racing series, at the Red Bull Ring

For the talented riders aged between 13 and 20, another visit to the Red Bull Ring was on the schedule just three weeks after the MotoGP™ races. This time, two races of the KTM one-make series were held as part of the line-up of the International German Motorcycle Championship.

Austrian Junior Cup_Red Bull Ring_2021

Race 1

For the second time this year, after the aborted race at the Wachauring, an Austrian Junior Cup race was held in the wet. Just a few minutes before the pit lane opened, it started to rain at the Red Bull Ring. To allow the drivers to adjust to the changed road conditions, two warm-up laps were driven first, followed by the task of finding the necessary grip on the now completely wet circuit. Leo Rammerstorfer (KTM Braumandl) was unbending in the timed practice, but other riders had a better start: Kilan Holzer (Zweirad Zauner) took the lead right away on his comeback, Sebastian Schmiderer (2Rad Unterberger) also got a sensational start from the second row and mixed up the leaders during the first lap. But it did not take long for Rammerstorfer's number 5 to reappear at the front. In the spray behind, Holzer completed a pending long-lap penalty from the last event. Lena Kemmer (Knopper) gave an outstanding performance in her home race.

Behind Rammerstorfer, Kemmer moved up to second place in the early stages and held this position for a few laps. In the middle of the race Luca Göttlicher (Schruf Motorrad) and Kilian Holzer stepped up a gear and overtook Kemmer, who could not quite keep up with Göttlicher and Holzer. Meanwhile, the latter moved closer to Rammerstorfer, who kept looking around. Just when Holzer was planning the first attack on Rammerstorfer, the Tyrolean slipped off the grip and braked in the first corner. This meant that Leo Rammerstorfer won for the fourth time this season, Holzer was disappointed about the missed chance but still managed to grab Göttlicher in the fight for second place.

Austrian Junior Cup_Red Bull Ring_2021

Lena Kemmer achieved her best result of the season with fourth place, ahead of Tristan Walch (KINI Bike World), Sebastian Schmiderer and the convalescent Xaver Moser (KTM St. Pölten), who completed a great race from the penultimate starting position. Behind Blaßnig (who was struggling with a fogged visor) Niklas Wannenmacher (KTM Braumandl) finished ninth after avoiding a retirement with a circus-like manoeuvre out of turn 4. Michelle Kroneisl (Schruf Motorrad) also showed a clean performance with 10th place.

Race 2

Dark clouds hung over the Red Bull Ring in the second race as well, but this time it remained dry. Kilian Holzer had set his sights high for the last race of the season, but the 15-year-old Tyrolean had to struggle with a jumping chain right from the start. Rammerstorfer was therefore able to take an unchallenged start-finish victory, just like a champion does.

Two hours later, double starter Rammerstorfer was also on the IDM podium for the first time in the Supersport 300 race boasting third place. Back to the AJC: Behind the 16-year-old Upper Austrian, a three-way battle broke out that thrilled the fans on the livestream and in the stands: Holzer did well despite technical problems and defended his second place as long as possible against Luca Göttlicher and Tristan Walch. The latter had been waiting for his chance for a long time and was fully involved in the fight for the podium.

Austrian Junior Cup_Red Bull Ring_2021

Then, three laps before the end, there was drama around Holzer: the chain ripped at the exit of turn 3, Walch could not avoid Holzer and crashed. Göttlicher also hit Holzer's KTM RC4R with the right front fork, but was able to continue his ride. This brought up the next group, in which the action was similarly intense. Schmiderer, Kemmer and Blaßnig also battled for laps. In the end, Sebastian Schmiderer from Salzburg accepted the gift and took his first podium. Behind Kemmer and Blaßnig, Wannenmacher was sixth, Luis Rammerstorfer prevailed against Moser and Krabacher in the battle for 7th place.

The 2021 championship ceremony will take place on 15 October in the impressive KTM Motohall in Mattighofen. The Austrian Junior Cup will be continued in 2022 with six races in Austria and neighbouring countries. The applications for this will start in autumn.

Champion Leo Rammerstorfer (16 years, Feldkirchen/Upper Austria), KTM Braumandl: "I knew my pace was good, but I'm certainly not the fastest in the rain. Kilian would have closed the gap, but the fact that he made a mistake played into my favour. Of course, I'm very happy that so many of my friends and fans are here. The second race was more relaxed and I was able to put that into action. Today was quite stressful with Supersport 300 and AJC. I'm all the happier now with the successes!"

3rd overall Luca Göttlicher (13 years, Schwifting/Germany), Schruf Motorrad: "I prepared for the final in the best possible way, did a lot of fitness to give myself an advantage. In the Austrian Junior Cup, I learned a lot and gained important experience, got to know my limits and am inspired to improve in the future."

2nd in Saturday’s race Kilian Holzer (14 years, Hippach/Tyrol), Zweirad Zauner: "On Saturday I drove one of the best races of the season. Because the brake lever protection broke off, I braked and then lost the contact to Leo. In race two I had a problem with the chain right from the first lap. At first, I thought it was something in the tyre ... that's why I didn't give up. Now I have to look ahead and attack at full speed in the next races. "

Austrian Junior Cup_Red Bull Ring_2021

Chris Schipper, Managing Director KTM Österreich: "Our baby has learned to run. We have built up a unique opportunity for Austria's young talents from scratch. They have thanked us with great performances. Our top runners have shown that they can compete at a European level. We have set ourselves the goal of continuing to accompany our fastest, but on a very well-prepared path, rather than letting them dive into the shark tank alone."

Andy Meklau, Riding Coach Austrian Junior Cup: "We were sure there was something dormant in Austria. When the 'go' came, we didn't know what to expect in terms of riders. And look, we have definitely found some who have what it takes to take the next steps. The way up is hard, but I hope that in a few years we can cheer on an Austrian MotoGP rider here at the Red Bull Ring."

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