40 million fans and counting! MotoGP™ hits a new milestone

One of the world’s largest fanbases keeps on growing - with 40 million users now following MotoGP™ across social and digital platforms

The FIM MotoGP™ World Championship has reached a new milestone in 2022: 40 million fans across social media and digital platforms! Only just over a season since celebrating 30 million, MotoGP™ has already gained an incredible 33% increase in fans and followers across our multitude of different platforms and channels, where we continue to bring audiences the very best content the sport has to offer.

There are also three milestones within the milestone, as the sport has reached 3 million followers on Twitter, 13 million on Instagram and is celebrating five million subscribers on YouTube. For Twitter, that’s a growth of more than 10% in little more than a year, for Instagram 34% and for YouTube it marks an incredible increase in subscribers of nearly 43% in the same time.

The beginning of MotoGP™’s digital journey came in 1999 when the sport pioneered the VideoPass, and since then the world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship has continued to evolve and innovate. MotoGP™ joined YouTube in 2005 before expanding to Twitter and Facebook, and in 2022 has now reached that incredible 40 million fans across all platforms, of which there are now multitudes – all offering fans an incredible range of tailor-made, exclusive and quality content.

From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat to Twitch and TikTok, and plenty more in between, MotoGP™ continues pushing boundaries and expanding our audience around the world. Original content such as our new Challenges series in 2022, showcasing the human side of the sport, makes sure there’s always something new to engage with, and there are more and more live events and programmes across our platforms to keep fans entertained 24/7 – wherever they are in the world.


Over 17.5 million people use Facebook to follow the latest from MotoGP™, as well as enjoying a range of exclusive, tailor-made and highly accessible content. Original and exclusive MotoGP:tm: content is also available on Facebook Watch worldwide, with videos of between three and seven minutes giving fans of the sport another way to enjoy some incredible content. Recent addition Facebook reels has also brought shorter form video content to the platform, highlighting some of the incredible moments happening on and off track.

Groups such as MotoGP™ Tech Updates also provide a place for fans who want to delve deeper into the sport and connect with each other and the Championship, with constant updates on the technology and innovation we see on track all up for discussion.


YouTube has seen some of the biggest growth, with a new milestone just reached: five million subscribers. Tailor-made video content, including original series, highlights, interviews, and more, make the platform one of the most popular for fans looking for ever increasing access to the sport. Newer addition YouTube Shorts has also captured fans’ interest and helped the sport connect to a newer and fast expanding audience, with the 15 second videos highlighting a viral moment or incredible piece of track action.


One of the longest established social media platforms remains one of MotoGP™’s biggest, with over three million followers connected to the sport on Twitter – creating its own milestone moment. Breaking news, polls, video clips, updates on what’s happening during each race weekend and, of course, articles highlighting some of the biggest talking points in the sport continue to entertain and engage, with Twitter offering an unrivalled platform for interactive discussion between fans, as well as between the audience and MotoGP™ itself.


On Instagram, what were nearly 10 million followers in 2020 have fast become 13 million as the sport reaches another milestone. With some of the best digital content the sport has to offer, Instagram followers enjoy a smorgasbord of stunning photos, video clips, special edits and a whole range of content on stories – as well as an ever-increasing array of Instagram Lives with different riders and characters from the paddock.

To 50 million and beyond

MotoGP™ is also present on some of the world’s fastest-growing platforms, where the sport’s audiences likewise continue to increase. Fans can go behind the scenes on Snapchat, enjoy viral moments on TikTok with nearly 1.5 million other followers, or connect with the sport – and hundreds of thousands of other fans – for a deeper discussion on Reddit.

Twitch is also fast becoming a focus for the Championship, with exclusive live streaming events giving fans an unrivalled chance to interact and engage with MotoGP™. MotoGP™ Podcast Last On The Brakes has moved to Twitch for 2022, where it is streamed live and exclusively, with the audio then expanding the sport’s reach on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more. There have never been more ways for more fans to enjoy more top quality MotoGP™ content.

As the 2022 season starts to really get in gear, MotoGP™ will continue to bring fans and digital audiences the very best the sport has to offer – so join us for the ride, with the next stop 50 million!

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