Provisional 2023 British GP dates announced

The event will remain a midsummer spectacle in 2023 as the MotoGP™ paddock returns to the International Paddock

As the 2022 Monster Energy British Grand Prix gets in gear for race day, more details on the 2023 event can now be revealed.

Next year, the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship will return to the stunning Silverstone for another classic showdown from the 4th to the 6th of August 2023, retaining the perfect midsummer slot it moved to this season.

The 2023 event will also mark the MotoGP™ paddock’s return to the International Paddock and the iconic Silverstone Wing complex for the first time since 2012. The start-finish line will therefore be on the Hamilton Straight, with Abbey as Turn 1.

As the pinnacle of two wheels, MotoGP™ is a racing laboratory, driving progress and innovation at the forefront of the world’s push towards a more sustainable future – and working with all partners and stakeholders to put sustainability top of the agenda: racing together. Silverstone is a perfect partner in the sport’s push to create positive change as the first motor racing venue to join the UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action programme.

Since opening in 2011, the Silverstone Wing has become emblematic of the venue and is increasingly becoming a symbol of the circuit’s world-leading commitment to sustainability. As part of Silverstone’s Shift to Zero policy, the track has already installed 1,342 solar panels on the roof of the Wing International Conference and Exhibition Centre, and Phase 2 of this project, due for completion this autumn, will see a total of 2,764 panels covering over 5,200 m2. Over the next 12 months, Silverstone will also be installing 30 electric vehicle charging stations on site.

All Silverstone’s on-site generators now run on HVO biofuel, resulting in a 90% reduction of CO2 emissions and, from 2023, all the electricity consumed on site will be generated from renewable energy sources.

MotoGP™’s return to the International Paddock from 2023 will coincide with this important shift. Moving to alongside the Hamilton Straight will enable MotoGP™ to stage an even more sustainable event as the paddock will require significantly less temporary infrastructure – using less energy, more efficiently as the sport and its partners continue to drive progress.

Stuart Pringle, Managing Director of Silverstone: “I am looking forward to having MotoGP back at the International Paddock in 2023 which is now connected by a brand-new bridge to the 197 room Silverstone Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. By August 2023, phase 2 of the Wing solar panel project will be completed and will generate over 13% of the venue’s annual power, an initiative that aligns with Silverstone’s Shift to Zero plans and Dorna’s commitment to a more sustainable future.”

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports: “We’re delighted to announce when we will return to Silverstone next year, and that we will be returning to the International Paddock. Racing together, MotoGP is committed to increasing our positive impact and Silverstone is a valuable partner in our push to create a more sustainable future.

“As already announced, MotoGP will be powered by 100% sustainable fuel by 2027, and that is just one part of our global strategy as sustainability takes centre stage for the sport. Now is the time to take that innovation and let it inspire us in all our actions, on and off track, and we look forward to returning to the Wing as the perfect symbol of what is possible when we combine innovation, drive and our shared passion to create positive change.”

Make sure to save the provisional dates for another stunning and ever more sustainable British GP in 2023 as MotoGP™ returns to Silverstone from the 4th to the 6th of August.

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