Kazakhstan GP: Exploring new horizons in racing

Discover the best that the Land of the Great Steppe has to offer fans as the World Championship visits Sokol International Racetrack

The MotoGP™ World Championship is set to take on a thrilling new adventure in 2023 as the sport touches down at the Sokol International Racetrack in Kazakhstan for the first time. Round 9 of the 2023 campaign is set to take place on July 7th, and fans are in for a real treat as they discover the beauty and excitement of this new destination.

Located in Central Asia, Kazakhstan is the ninth-largest country in the world and is renowned for its diverse and picturesque landscape. The country is home to vast steppes, large lakes, and towering mountains, as well as coastal resorts on the Caspian and Aral seas. The ancient capital of Almaty, situated just 76 kilometres away from the racetrack, is a cultural hub that offers a vibrant nightlife and promises to be a popular destination for riders, teams, and fans alike.

The Sokol International Racetrack is a masterpiece of engineering, designed by the renowned Hermann Tilke, who has also conceived numerous tracks on both the MotoGP™ and Formula 1 calendars, in conjunction with RacingLoop. Ground first broke on construction in 2014, and the result of years of hard work is a circuit 4.5 km in length with 12 turns, 8 of which are right-handers, and 4 of which are left-handers.

This marks the 30th country visited by the World Championship since its inception in 1949 and the 74th venue to host a Grand Prix. As always, MotoGP™ is keen to establish itself in new territories and embrace fresh fan bases. The Championship’s visit aims to instil a passion for speed within the Kazakh nation as the sport continues to grow globally.

The Land of the Great Steppe is the latest addition to the growing number of countries in Asia that are joining the MotoGP™ market, and we hope it can join the likes of Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia in producing world-class events to entertain an adoring public. Don't miss this opportunity to witness the world's best riders in action in this new and exciting destination.

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