Ferrari takes back-to-back poles after Mugello Q2

The Italian heads compatriot Casadei, with Krummenacher now third after Granado penalty puts the Brazilian fourth

Matteo Ferrari (Felo Gresini MotoE™) kept the roll going on home turf at Mugello, making it back-to-back poles with a new lap record of a 1:55.752. It was an Italian one-two at the Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley too as Mattia Casadei (HP Pons Los40) snatched second, with Eric Granado (LCR E-Team) back in action and straight back on the front row...initially. The fairytale bubble was slightly burst after the session however, with the Brazilian handed a penalty for incorrect tyre pressure that cancels his best lap and bumps him down to fourth.

The lap record fell in P1, again in P2, and even more so in qualifying as Ferrari shot out the blocks, with the Italian making it a clean sweep on Friday. Currently third in the standings, it could be chance to catch key rivals when the lights go out too, with points leader Jordi Torres (Openbank Aspar Team) down in P7 and second overall, Hector Garzo (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE™), in ninth.

Lead rookie as it stands, Randy Krummenacher (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE™), will now line up on the front row, with Granado now heading Row 2. The Brazilian is joined there by Andrea Mantovani (RNF MotoE™ Team) and Kevin Zannoni (Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse) on their home turf.

Check out the full qualifying FREE on YouTube, and then make sure to tune in to our broadcast partners or VideoPass to enjoy the racing. Race 1 gets underway at 12:15 (GMT +2) before the second showdown fires up at 16:10!

Top 10:

1. Matteo Ferrari (Felo Gresini MotoE) - 1:55.752
2. Mattia Casadei (Pons Racing 40) + 0.008
3. Randy Krummenacher (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE) + 0.591
4. Eric Granado (LCR E-Team) + 0.625
5. Andrea Mantovani (RNF MotoE Team) + 0.701
6. Kevin Zannoni (Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse) + 0.888
7. Jordi Torres (Openbank Aspar Team) + 0.897
8. Kevin Manfredi (Ongetta SIC58 Squadracorse) + 1.082
9. Hwctor Garzo (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE) + 1.647
10. Nicholas Spinelli (Pons Racing 40) + 3.058


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