Ezpeleta: "I'm absolutely sure Marc will be competitive"

Dorna Sports CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta, chats with Europa Press ahead of the VIII Annual Gala of the Madrid Sports Press Association

On the 29th of January, Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta will receive an award at the VIII Annual Gala of the Madrid Sports Press Association (APDM) and ahead of the event, Ezpeleta took the time to chat with Europa Press about MotoGP™.

“It is a great joy and a great honour. The truth is that I feel very identified with the Madrid Press Association and anything that comes, as in this case, recognising what we have done during these years is a reason for satisfaction and pride,” began Ezpeleta.

"Now, after 30 years of management, we are recognised throughout the world. I would even say almost more than in Spain. The possibility of managing a sport globally like Dorna has done since 1992 only has a similar case in Formula 1. That makes us feel very proud because a Spanish company is leading a sport of the importance of motorcycling," continued Ezpeleta.

The biggest and most exciting story heading into 2024 is Marc Marquez’s switch from Repsol Honda to Gresini Racing. Like most, Ezpeleta doesn’t have any doubts that the eight-time World Champion will be back fighting at the front on a regular basis.

"Marc Marquez is one of the best riders in the history of motorcycling. Being able to have the possibility of him being back in the lead and fighting will be another incentive. Obviously, he is missed. I am absolutely sure that Marc will be competitive,” said Ezpeleta.

Another talking point is the new concessions system that has been put in place for 2024. After Honda and Yamaha’s recent struggles, it’s those Japanese factories who will be getting the most help and Ezpeleta explains why this is the case.

“The COVID-19 pandemic had a much stronger impact in Japan than in Europe. It had nothing to do with it. Japan stopped completely and work continued in Europe, and that has caused differences that have returned the concessions to allow them can make up for lost time.

"I am sure that, one, they will return and, two, that it is fair because Honda and Yamaha did the same in their day. When they won the World Championship, they were generous enough to be able to give concessions that allowed the other brands, first Ducati, and then Suzuki, KTM and Aprilia, to be competitive again.”

To read the full article, including why the potential for MotoGP™ and F1 to be held at the same venue on the same weekend is still something that is being considered, head across to the Europa Press website (link above).