Correction: 2024 Spanish Grand Prix attendance

A miscalculation in attendance numbers led to the publication of incorrect figures on Sunday

At the 2024 Spanish GP, MotoGP™ published news that the event had become the best-attended Grand Prix ever, beating the previous attendance record.

There was a miscalculation in attendance numbers and in our eagerness to celebrate the atmosphere at the event, we published incorrect figures just ahead of the MotoGP™ race. We apologise for our mistake.

The correct weekend attendance figure for the event is 181,289, which is not a new record but does make it the best attended Grand Prix at Jerez for nearly a decade, continuing the positive trend of audience and attendance figures the sport is currently enjoying.

The 2024 Spanish GP will also be on Best Of playlists for many years to come after an all-time classic clash of the titans. We hope everyone who attended, and watched around the world, enjoyed the incredible race weekend in Andalucia.

MotoGP™ heads for Le Mans next, which now retains the record as host to the best attended event in MotoGP™ history thanks to the 278,805 people who attended the 2023 French Grand Prix.