MotoGP™24 is finally available!

From revised gameplay to new content, there’s plenty to play. Are you ready to become the new MotoGP™ Champion?

MotoGP™24 hits the track, ready to test your skills thanks to its refined gameplay while also keeping you engaged with brand-new features such as the Riders Market: enjoy the thrill of seeing the riders change teams and be promoted between classes, making each season different from the next. Both you and the AI may receive transfer proposals based on the previous results achieved, leading to endless scenarios. The Riders Market joins the Turning Points, Rivalries, and the fictional social network introduced last year to create a journey revolving around the performances and choices of each player.

The MotoGP™ Stewards grant fair races

But this isn’t the only news that MotoGP™24 puts on the plate. With our commitment to bring you the most faithful MotoGP™ experience ever, we added the MotoGP™ Stewards. Throughout the weekend, they will supervise the race and any timed sessions, disciplining riders and AI equally for their actions on the circuit: this means that players and AI alike will face consequences for breaking the rules, ranging from Warnings to Long Lap or Time Penalties, as well as Let Pass orders in the event of unfair overtaking to cancelled qualifying times.

A smooth yet challenging experience with the Adaptive Difficulty

To give an experience tailored for you, we have developed a new Adaptive Difficulty system that will greatly help every player, from novices to experts. This solution analyses your performance and calibrates the opponents’ level accordingly based on the performances of players throughout races and sessions. Through this, it ensures the race pace between contenders is always reasonable and consistent. Moreover, the Adaptive Difficulty lets you fully appreciate the AI and physics improvements. The first has been refined to mirror the real riders’ approach to racing, while the latter brings a smooth yet challenging experience.

Jump back into MotoGP™ Fantasy with the LCR Honda Team League

The brand-new ‘LCR Honda Team League’ will run from the Spanish GP to the Italian GP, with the Top 3 scorers winning unique LCR Honda Team prizes. It doesn't matter if you haven't signed up yet at MotoGP™ Fantasy, as the MotoGP™ LCR Honda Team League will start from 0 so everyone has an equal chance to win! Are you ready?

Join now!

Climb the leaderboard and become the new LiveGP Champion

On the online multiplayer* side, the LiveGP Championships enhances the MotoGP™24 online experience. It’s a new multiplayer mode created for the most competitive players who are called to take part in various LiveGP events, each one with their own races, and climb the respective leaderboard to become the new Champion. Also, Cross-play** allows fans to challenge each other regardless of their platform and console generation, right from day one. Offline, the 2-player local split-screen is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam versions.

Let your creativity roam freely

Finally, MotoGP™24 unleashes players’ creativity through four powerful editors for helmets, stickers, racing numbers, and butt patches, with the possibility of sharing creations online across different platforms***.

Featuring all the official riders and tracks of the 2024 season for the MotoGP™, Moto2™, and Moto3™ categories, as well as the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship, MotoGP™24 is now available for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam.



*Online not available on Nintendo Switch versions
**Cross-play available between PlayStation and Xbox consoles, not available on PC and Nintendo Switch versions.
***UGCs sharing not available on Nintendo Switch version