Schwantz to wildcard at COTA with NTS

American legend set to get back on track alongside compatriot Joe Roberts in Moto2™

MotoGP™ Legend Kevin Schwantz is set to make a stunning return to racing at the Grand Prix of the Americas in 2018. The American, who won the 1993 500 World Championship, will be lining up in Moto2™ at NTS RW Racing GP alongside compatriot Joe Roberts and his teammate Steven Odendaal.

Schwantz will be the oldest rider on the grid by some margin, but has been given special dispensation to ride.

The wildcard is another exciting project for the Texan, who retired in the mid-nineties but has previously been back in the spotlight and completing – including entries in the 2013 and 2014 Suzuka 8H endurance races. More recently, on Monday 26th of March, both Schwantz and Roberts got on track at COTA – a track the Legend knows well, having been an important part of the design process.

Perfect preparation? Make sure to tune in to the Americas GP on the 22nd April to see Schwantz’ incredible return and find out!

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools Day!