VR46 Racing Team and Pertamina Lubricants sign a title partnership starting in 2024

From next January, the Tavullia Team will be named Pertamina Enduro VR46 Racing Team. PT Pertamina Lubricants alongside the Team for three seasons

VR46 Racing Team and PT Pertamina Lubricants together in MotoGP for three seasons. The Indonesian lubricants brand, through the motorcycle lubricant brand Pertamina Enduro, will become title partner of the Tavullia crew starting from January 1st 2024, under the name of Pertamina Enduro VR46 Racing Team.

A strategic choice and the birth of a new synergy, between the VR46 Racing Team, the team busy in the Motorcycling World Championship owned by the nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi, and the lubricants giant PT Pertamina Lubricants to give new impetus to two realities already established in Motorsport and thus becoming a true point of reference also in performance and technologies.

Common vision, shared values and great ambitions for the newborn Pertamina Enduro VR46 Racing Team: a team animated by an immense passion for engines and two wheels, capable of combining the two biggest fan bases of the MotoGP circus in cheering and thus involving hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world.

From the 2024 MotoGP season the Pertamina Enduro logo will be present on the Ducati Desmosedici GP bikes entrusted to Marco Bezzecchi and Luca Marini, the riders suits, helmets, technical spaces, as well as in all images, assets, materials and communications of the VR46 Racing Team.

VR46 Racing Team and PT Pertamina Lubricants together in MotoGP for three seasons
VR46 Racing Team and PT Pertamina Lubricants together in MotoGP for three seasons

Alessio Salucci, Team Director - VR46 Racing Team

“Welcoming Pertamina Lubricants, which for the next three seasons will be the title partner of the VR46 Racing Team, marks in a crucial way the history of our Team, an important piece and a further step forward in achieving our goals. We are truly honored to have entered into an agreement with a brand of this kind in the world of motorsport. With this new synergy, we not only share common ambitions, but we combine the two largest and most loyal fan bases in MotoGP. A bridge between the Italian fans and all those who follow us from Indonesia and to whom we hope to give important satisfactions in the future. This long-term project between two companies so experienced in the world of motorcycling and competitions, such as VR46 Racing Team and Pertamina Lubricants, aims to bring true passion for this sport from a unique point of view to hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world. In 2024, a new era of our history in MotoGP starts, an adventure full of successes, which began only two years ago, and which would not have been possible without the support and participation of a partner like Mooney who I would like to thank personally for mutual trust and respect".

Mr. Werry Prayogi – President Director of PT Pertamina Lubricants

"The partnership between PT Pertamina Lubricants and VR46 Racing Team is a strategic move to extending our vision of becoming a champion in the lubricants industry. This is proof that VR46 Racing Team and Valentino Rossi place great trust in the international quality of Pertamina Enduro".

Gianluca Falcioni, CEO - VR46 Agency
“We are very proud of the agreement reached with a prestigious and important company like Pertamina Lubricants for the VR46 Racing Team. Through VR46 Agency, Valentino Rossi's company, we are looking for partners and sponsors for all projects in the VR46 world. From the first months we have aimed at new markets, towards rapidly growing countries. Indonesia and South-East Asia in general represent an enormous pool of fans and enthusiasts for VR46. The passion for MotoGP is immeasurable and we believe that through this agreement, with such an important company, we can evolve strategically by activating not only sporting synergies but also creating 360-degree opportunities between VR46 and these countries. From the first meeting with Pertamina we understood the great affinity of values, the same vision of motorcycling and approach to competitions. There are no words to describe the role and prestige that Pertamina Lubricants plays in. Endurance is the key point that make this great brand a unique partner to support our project. I would like to underline that this is not a simple partnership, but the birth of a synergy in which Pertamina Lubricants will make knowledge, experience and technology available to achieve great performance on the track. Finally, with this strategic agreement, we are getting even closer to our fan base in Indonesia, a country where we have always felt welcome and where we believe there are the foundations to activate multiple projects both in the racing and business opportunities fields".