Guidotti and Alex Marquez discuss Pramac rumours

Pramac Racing Team Manager and EG 0,0 Marc VDS Moto2™ rider share their thoughts on the talk of Marquez’ potential MotoGP™ move

After Alex Marquez’ (EG 0,0 Marc VDS) Moto2™ French GP victory, rumours circled that Emilio Alzamora, agent to Alex and Marc Marquez, and Pramac Racing had been talking about a potential move for the younger Marquez brother in 2020. spoke to Pramac Racing Team Manager Francesco Guidotti about the talks that have been held, with Guidotti saying it’s just a normal process at this time of the year as plenty of Moto2™ riders explore the option of moving to MotoGP™ next season.  

“The situation has grown compared to what it really is,” says Guidotti. “We met with Alzamora to see if there was the possibility of having Alex come here. It's a standard procedure when a rider’s team manager asks to be able to talk to us, we do it. And anyway, we have other meetings scheduled.

“Jack (Miller) has no contract for next year and we have to evaluate other solutions if he wanted to go to the official team or another part if we couldn't meet his needs. We need to have an overview of the market and of those who want to switch from Moto2 to MotoGP having the right credentials to do so. But we do not focus on a rider in particular and we want, if possible, to stay with the current setup. We and Ducati do not have the situation of the riders in hand, they could decide and choose to leave.

“Alex has no priority over other riders, while our priority is to maintain the current line-up with Pecco (Bagnaia) and Miller. But Miller does not agree with me, because he aims at the official Ducati team.”

Speaking at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Moto2™/Moto3™ private test, Marquez shared his thoughts on the situation: “You know it’s normal. Everybody is now moving, looking to move to go to MotoGP and you need to move fast but it’s work for Emilio, I have a really good relationship with the Pramac guys but it’s Emilio talking so he knows more and better than me.”

But does Marquez see himself on a Ducati? And is he now ready to make the jump to the premier class?

“Why not you know. I said that I didn’t make the step because I didn’t feel prepared, this year I feel more prepared and I think and if I have the potential I will take it for sure but I need to do my work which is on track,” commented the Spaniard, as he explains why he now feels ready to step up to MotoGP™.

“Especially with this bike. I learn a lot from the electronics, also from the riding style; picking up the bike. So this is why I feel a bit more prepared.”

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