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A technical view of the RC212V from Lucio Cecchinello

A technical view of the RC212V from Lucio Cecchinello

LCR Honda’s Team Manager runs over some of the details of the bike which Randy de Puniet will ride in this year’s MotoGP World Championship.

Last week’s Sepang test was the first time LCR Honda rider Randy de Puniet took to the track on board the 2010 version of the RC212V prototype, and the post-test feedback from the satellite team was that the two days in Malaysia had provided a lot of important information.

De Puniet spent time getting used to the new machine and worked on a range of settings, including chassis and suspension variations, and completed 110 laps across both Thursday and Friday.

With the new satellite bike having been described as much closer to the factory prototype than in previous seasons, LCR Honda Team Manager Lucio Cecchinello offered his thoughts on the new machine following Sepang.

“It has been a positive development that Honda has changed their policy. We have a bike that is completely new and we are working a lot because it is more complicated than last season,” started Cecchinello, before continuing to explain the differences.

“The bike is a work of art; it is very meticulous in every detail and has many possibilities for adjustment. It has a new software management programme for the traction control system and another set of parameters for fuel consumption etc, which are also types of software that are actually very complicated. I think that the engineers will have fun!”

Cecchinello continued: “The bike is very different, because it is shorter and the weight distribution is different. It has transferred much of the weight to the rear to gain traction, and the centre of gravity is also higher. Right now it is giving us a lot of work because we must find the correct setting for Randy.”

With the next test scheduled for February 24-26 (day one is for test riders only) at Sepang, Cecchinello and his team have plenty to keep them busy in between.

“We’ll continue working, and also try to resolve some problems with ‘chatter’ that we have found unexpectedly and for the first time whilst working with a Honda. So the work continues with the fine tuning part of the process as a basis for further benefits.”

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