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Crutchlow Interview: I hate the riders that lie

Crutchlow Interview: I hate the riders that lie

Cal Crutchlow talks exclusively to about his relationship with Honda and why it bothers him when other riders are dishonest.

CWM LCR Honda’s Crutchlow chatted to at the recent Barcelona test. The British rider has crashed out of the last three races, and currently lies seventh in the MotoGP™ World Championship standings with 47 points:

Cal, 2015 sees you with a new team and a new bike, how do you think it has gone so far?
I would assess my performance as not too bad, I have been happy, as we are by far the fastest satellite rider. This is pleasing for me, obviously right now we’re in a tough moment, as we’ve never finished the last three races, two of which weren’t our fault and one was. It’s disappointing because we could be much higher in the championship so we have to continue to work; the CWM LCR Honda team are working great. They’re giving me everything I need and Honda is giving me great support as with all the other riders, Honda give great support to all their hard working riders.

How frustrating is it after working so hard over the course of the weekend, and showing the pace to challenge for the podium, to be taken out in the race like at the Catalan GP?
I see it as a racing incident. I may do it to someone else next race, I don’t think he meant to do it. He was very hot at this race because it was his home race and he wanted to prove a point, but the point wasn’t meant to be in the first lap and he also crashed himself later. So that was what annoyed me more, the fact I didn’t finish and I never got the chance to stand on the podium as I really felt that we had the pace to do this without any problems. We have to go to Assen and regroup.

Do you have to CTRL+ALT+DEL and focus on the next round?
Sometimes it’s not as easy as that; we have to work through the bike at the next round. Assen is another circuit I haven’t ridden the Honda at. The only circuit I have ridden the Honda at is Sepang. I enjoy Assen and Sachsenring, then we have the break, I go there with positive spirits and there’s no reason we can’t have a positive result there!

You have stated before that being the top Brit or top Satellite rider doesn’t interest you, so what are you goals?
I don’t have any interest in being the top satellite rider; I have an interest in finishing close to the factory guys. I think people lose sight of that; you have to judge yourself based on the winner of the race first and foremost and then to your factory team, which is Marc and Dani in my case. We’re not a long way behind them, at the end of the races we’re not too far behind. I want to try to make some podiums and do good races, give Honda the information they need to continue developing the bike as they’re doing a great job back in Japan, working very hard. The importance of giving the information is more than ever, we’re in a tough moment but we’re very strong in some areas. We need to keep these strong areas but also build in the areas we are a little weak.

You got the new swing arm for Mugello, have you got any more updates to come?
For today we have no updates, we have to wait and see what’s going on, wait and see how the season goes in the next few races and where we go from there. I’m really happy with the support I’m getting; I got the swing arm because they believed in my pace. We’ve had some great races this year but we need to keep improving. From Honda’s point of view they will bring something soon.

Will you get Marquez’s exhaust?
No this is not in the plan.

Your honesty in interviews and social media is really refreshing; do you ever get in trouble for that?
Not in a satellite team, no! I have a bit more freedom here. I hate the riders that lie and say things that aren’t true. I always respect my sponsors and team and my manufacturer, but if I think something is wrong,  I will say it. Sometimes it gets you into trouble, sometimes it doesn’t, but this is the way I am. I don’t want to change because I think I’m honest. I have a great working relationship with my team now. I give them 100% and try my hardest every lap and I do the best job I can. I think Honda sees this as well and that’s why I think everything with them is going so well at the moment.

Do you and Jack Miller get on as well as it appears?
We’ve had some difficult races between us lately but we definitely enjoy racing the motorcycle and enjoy riding for the CWM LCR Honda team. It’s a good combination and we’ll see what happens as the close of the season approaches.

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