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Team Suzuki Ecstar's "Joypad" explained

Team Suzuki Ecstar's 'Joypad' explained

Find out exactly what all these buttons do on the Team Suzuki Ecstar GSX-RR

Team Suzuki Ecstar revealed on Instagram exactly what the buttons on the handlebar for their GSX-RR do, and how the riders control the various options available to them in regards to engine mappings and settings via their "joypad".

In the top picture, the riders use their left hand to hit the yellow button to enter the setup menu, and the blue and red buttons to go up and down through the options and select the required engine mapping.

In the bottom picture, you can see how the riders use their right hand to press the green button to switch on the tail light when its raining, the yellow button to activate the pit limiter (60km/h), the red to switch off the GSX-RR's engine (kill switch), and the blue to activate launch control for the start of the race.

MotoGP, 2015, Team SUZUKI ECSTAR

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