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KTM complete private Barcelona test

KTM complete private Barcelona test

Fenati, Ajo and Rodrigo all took part in a two-day private KTM Moto3™ test at the Montmelo circuit, exploring several chassis options.

A lack of dry testing during the off-season set KTM at a serious disadvantage in the opening rounds of the Moto3™ World Championship this season. Since then the Austrian manufacturer has made steady progress, claiming three wins so far this season.

A private test at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit has allowed KTM to explore further options as they seek to close the gap at the top of the championship table and look ahead to 2016, KTM’s Tom Jojic expands: ”It’s been a difficult start but now we’re getting to where we should be and our guys are gaining confidence and the bike is getting better. A lot of it is set up work, but we’re here Thursday and Friday doing development work with our test team from Austria with a couple of the Grand Prix riders. We’re trying some bigger parts and assessing the development direction.”

New technical rules in 2015 allow for only one upgrade in the Moto3™ class, meaning it is vital that it is used effectively. In Montmelo KTM brought a variety of parts: “We’re got a couple of chassis that we’re throwing in there, one of them we’ve kind of looked at in the past and a new one which is something that the guy’s feedback through the year has made it easier to target a clear direction to achieve a target for the top guys. We also have some other parts around the bike, quite a few things,” said Tom Jojic. “For us it’s important if we’re going to bring something that it’s right. We want the guys to have a really positive feeling from it. At this stage I can’t be specific about a date of an upgrade, the first day of the test was really positive and even today has been more positive than even we expected.“

In attendance at the test were RBA Racing Team riders Gabriel Rodrigo and Niklas Ajo alongside Romano Fenati (SKY Racing Team VR46). As a rookie Rodrigo focused almost exclusively on continuing his adaptation to the Grand Prix KTM and experimenting with different changes to the setting of his bike. Both Ajo and Fenati focused on confirming feedback on the new parts: “The program with them is to cross over basically and we want them to both test the same material and see if the feedback is the same. They have a reference race bike to try and something else to try. Neither rider knows exactly what they’re on and they don’t know they’re crossing over, for them it’s just riding and for us it’s understanding what we’ve put in.”

The biggest challenge of the 2015 season is not beating Honda for KTM, but beating Danny Kent (Leopard Racing). Having taken a dominant victory in Germany, Kent is the man to beat: “Full respect to Danny Kent, what a great rider. He’s doing a fantastic job, I really like the kid and I’m gutted he’s not on our bike this year! He’s peaking at a moment when he’s showing everyone how to ride Moto3, how to escape when you can. We’re going to try our hardest to catch you Danny and we’ll do our best. I think it’s his championship to lose,” commented Jojic.

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