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Pedrosa blog: A strange weekend

Pedrosa blog: A strange weekend

When bad weather shows up though, everything changes…

 In his latest official blog for Dani Pedrosa reflects on the San Marino GP:

Hey everyone,

I’m writing to you from San Marino after a tough weekend due to the weather conditions we had to deal with during Sunday’s race.

On Thursday, I went over last year’s race. I wanted to watch it again and take a look at some important points. When bad weather shows up though, everything changes; any previous preparations you’ve made don’t matter as much.

To be honest, Saturday’s free practice was a bit strange as well. I made a couple of mistakes at two specific points on the circuit and I’m convinced we could have achieved a better outcome.

On Sunday the weather and the conditions changed just before the race. The race began dry and then the rain arrived and the track got wet, then dried again. This makes everything uncertain and means that anything can happen since the race isn’t only decided by what happens on the track.

The team did amazing work, not just preparing the bikes, but by also letting me know about the conditions during every lap and what I should do. When I was on the wet setup, I made a mistake as I couldn’t see the messages telling me to enter the pit box which hurt the final spot we got at the GP.

The thing I do want to emphasise though is the enormous support we received again this year from all the Italian fans that come all the way to Misano. Their love for the sport is incredible, it has to be said. We have a great time with them and I think all the riders always look forward to racing at this circuit, in large part thanks to the fans.

Now, after the strange weekend we’ve just had, the most important thing is to focus right away on the next GP and stay positive. We have a one day test here first which is always good. Then, back home to train hard for Aragón. I can’t wait to get to Motorland!

Questions of the week:

Hi Dani! Would you be a biker outside MotoGP? Would you travel the world on your bike? Question from Carly

Hi Carly,
Travelling on a motorbike is one of life’s great pleasures. I’ve often thought about planning a trip with some friends through some special places with great roads and routes. As long as it was for a few days, I’d love to do it.

Best wishes,


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