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Why Lorenzo switched to Ducati

Why Lorenzo switched to Ducati

MotoGP™ riders are a one of a kind; they ride different, act different and think different. What made Lorenzo leave the comfort of Yamaha?

It takes a special person to ride a Grand Prix motorcycle around a track at speeds exceeding 300km/h. As history has proved, there are very few people who can do it and even fewer who can do it week in and week out. It should come as no surprise that most MotoGP™ riders not only act, but think quite differently to most. Not only are MotoGP™ riders different from normal people, they’re also different to each other. Every rider is motivated by something slightly different, all have their own reasons for lining up on the grid 18 Sundays a year and going as fast as they can.

They also all have their own reasons for signing with teams, or in the case of Jorge Lorenzo (Movistar Yamaha MotoGP), changing teams. Together with Yamaha, Lorenzo has achieved 99 premier class podium finishes, 41 of those podiums have seen him stand on the top step. So why leave the safety and comfort of Yamaha for the unknown waters of Ducati? It’s rare that we get a look inside the mind of the riders, but the pre-race press conference at the Gran Premio Red Bull de España gave at least a hint as why Lorenzo is taking on this new challenge.

Lin Jarvis, the Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing, has been working with Jorge Lorenzo is some form since 2006. He was the first to shed some light on why he feels Lorenzo is after a change of scenery: “We made our best proposal as a company and Jorge was obviously looking for new stimulus and I think you know there were probably three factors that helped him make that decision. He probably got an extremely good proposal, probably better than ours, I think that was important,” obviously it’s about more than just money for a rider with the ability of Lorenzo: “I think that the Ducati is currently a very competitive bike so it’s less daunting to make a change. And in addition to that I think to be the number one in a future team is probably something attractive.  I think those are the reasons to change. In the past we’ve run Valentino and Jorge as equals, trust me it’s not easy to run with two top dogs in the same team. We’ve always treated them fairly and equally and we’ll continue to do that for the rest of the year,” continued Jarvis.

Jorge Lorenzo himself addressed the reason for the move: “I think there are many reasons, but the biggest one has been my motivation. The challenge to try and win with another bike and the challenge for me after so many years in the world championship, in MotoGP, to give my maximum effort everyday as I always try to do, because I think I am one of the most professional riders and my focus is 100%. I needed, I felt I needed this new challenge to get the motivation to work as hard as I did till now. This is the main reason.” A new challenge. That’s why a three time MotoGP™ World Champion steps into the unknown, to keep the fire burning and potentially join the greats in winning on two different makes of motorcycle.

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