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Marquez Blog: Motocross, cycling, and now MotoGP

Marquez Blog: Motocross, cycling, and now MotoGP

In his latest blog Marc Marquez discusses post-Qatar training and looks ahead to the Argentina GP.

Hi everyone!

How was your week? I had a really good week. I was able to prepare and work hard with my mind focused on the two GP races that are right around the corner.

I’ve had some time to do some motocross this week, which I love. I was there with Álex and one of my teammates, José Luis Martínez, who used to be a motocross rider. I’m sure many of you already know him as he’s usually with me at the circuits. It’s all about improving and learning with him. We also trained with Raúl Sánchez, a promising young rider in national motocross, who I’m helping in every way I can.

I have a really good time with them. Whenever we can, we find the time to do some motocross in Rufea, which in turns helps us stay in shape. I truly enjoy helping Raúl. I was lucky to have support from the time I took my first steps in motorcycling, and that’s why I want to help him out.

Now, I’ve got a couple of non-stop weeks ahead of me between the two GP races, so I’ve been hard at work to get into the best shape I can. I’ve been road cycling and mountain biking quite a lot with my personal trainer and my brother.

It’s now time to move onto the Americas. After the Argentinian GP, I’ve got an event here in South America which I’ll tell you more about next week. After that, we’re off to the US!

I’d like to see Buenos Aires first. Everyone speaks wonders about it, but I’ll only have time to see the airport. What a shame! Hopefully, one day I’ll get the chance to see it the way it should be seen. Also, seeing the Patagonia would be a fantastic experience!

I’ve not forgotten about Johan Cruyff. Obviously, I was never able to see him play as I’m so young, but everyone talks about him for his playing style and as the man who changed Futbol Club Barcelona. My respect and admiration go out to him.

And to finish off, congratulations to Toni Bou! He’s sure piling on those titles with 10 X-Trial championships already! He’s undoubtedly one of the best sportsmen we’ve ever had in Spain, and he keeps making history. It’s a privilege to be able to live up close to what’s he’s doing year after year.

All the best to everybody,


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