MotoGP™ and Scania collaborate to reduce emissions

Transporting the MotoGP™ World Championship paddock around the world is no easy task.

All of Dorna’s logistical and transportation partners performing their own critical job in the process. Scania are one of the most crucial partners, supplying the trucks needed to help the paddock get around. Both Dorna and Scania are always striving to keep their products as environmentally friendly as possible, HVO the latest step in sustainability plans.

HVO, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, offers a CO2 reduction of up to 90% and boasts improved performance over the diesel alternative. It can be used across the full line of Scania heavy trucks, exactly the same kind as used to transport the MotoGP™ paddock. Every new Scania truck is already also an HVO truck. The entire process of creating HVO is almost CO2 neutral and the fuel can be stored cold, again reducing the carbon footprint.

Making the MotoGP™ World Championship as green and sustainable as possible is a major goal for Dorna, who are pleased with the steps being taken by Scania. Both parties are eager to continue working together with this new sustainability adventure, highlighting the MotoGP™ World Championship as one of the most forward thinking and progressive.

"Scania want to take the lead in the shift towards sustainable transport - which is surely what the future needs and will hold. We are happy and proud to partner with Dorna in this project, showing that sustainable solutions are available here and now given a close cooperation between vehicle provider, transporter and fuel provider. HVO is the perfect solution in this case, with stable operations and a "diesel-like" need. Given each case, solutions offering greener transports are already available. Dorna is the first company to try this solution in Spain with Scania and we greatly appreciate the initiative showing that we share a vision to reduce the environmental impact of heavy transports," declared Jacob Tharna, Director, Presales, Marketing and Sales Support, at Scania Ibérica.

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director/Commercial Area: “We are very pleased to be working on this initiative with Scania. Scania are already a great partner to work with and it is very reassuring to see that we have similar goals in terms of sustainability. Advancing technology is important for the World Championship, not just the technology on the bikes but also all around the paddock. Environmental innovations are something we are always striving to achieve, the HVO initiative with Scania is great and one of the many steps we’re taking. It fits perfectly with the FIM’s Ride Green sustainability campaign we already participate in.”