MotoGP™ Experience enhanced by 360 Gyroscopic OnBoard Camera

A new 360 MotoGP™ Gyroscopic Camera is an example of the improvement in gyroscopic technology and provides spectacular OnBoard footage.

Since the introduction of an innovative tail camera on Valentino Rossi's Honda back in 2003, Dorna Sports has made significant strides in developing custom OnBoard cameras to offer a unique view of MotoGP™ action.

Over the years, many refinements and innovations have been brought to the MotoGP™ OnBoard systems by Dorna Sports' own R&D team - not only following the evolution of broadcast standards - from 4:3 to 16:9 format, before tackling the HD revolution in recent years; also enhancing the whole OnBoard experience.

In 2016, various key innovations are brought together to provide never-before seen footage of MotoGP™ with the combination of the gyroscopic, 360 pan-motion and Dorna's auto-tracking solutions.

The new 360 Gyroscopic Camera is the result of constant improvements brought to the gyroscopic technology - allowing for a fixed line of horizon and which was debuted at the German GP back in 2010 - and the evolution of the 360 Camera; providing pan-motion but straying away from the previous sphere-shaped iterations from 2014 and 2015 to adopt a much more compact profile.

Offering stabilised 360º coverage of the action from the mounting point - the tail of the bike, the new camera comes with the system developed by the Dorna R&D Team that provides the ability to switch subjects and track a specific element, providing a unique flavour to battle sequences as the camera can seamlessly follow any other rider in the vicinity of a bike equipped with the 2016 360 Gyroscopic Cam.

With the introduction of this third generation of the 360 camera – first fitted on Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha YZR-M1 - the viewer gets to enjoy chase sequences in a much more dynamic way. As MotoGP™ footage gets even more innovative, viewers can expect to get an experience closer and closer to what the riders actually feel on a bike.