750 Grand Prix wins for Honda

The Japanese marque hit an incredible milestone in Argentina

The Argentina GP will go down in history for Honda, as Cal Crutchlow (LCR Honda Castrol) took victory in a chaotic MotoGP™ race to make it 750 Grand Prix wins for the Japanese marque. That’s a milestone worth celebrating, so here’s a few things to know about the impressive achievement:

The wins have been accrued across seven different categories: 13 in 50cc, 164 in 125cc, 43 in Moto3™, 207 in 250cc, 35 in 350cc, 156 in 500cc and 131 in MotoGP™.

It all began back in 1961, when the first ever win for Honda was taken by Australian Tom Phillis in the 125cc race at Montjuïc in Barcelona.

The riders who have most contributed to the incredible count reads like a list of legends: Mick Doohan (54 x 500cc wins),  Dani Pedrosa (54 = 8 x 125cc, 15 x 250cc, 31 x MotoGP™), Jim Redman (45 = 4 x 125cc, 18 x 250cc, 21 x 350cc, 2 x 500cc), Mike Hailwood (41 = 1 x 125cc, 20 x 250cc, 12 x 350cc, 8 x 500cc) ; Marc Márquez (35 x MotoGP™), Valentino Rossi (33 = 13 x 500cc, 20 x MotoGP™), Freddie Spencer (27 = 7 x 250cc, 20 x 500cc), Luigi Taveri (26 = 6 x 50cc, 20 x 125cc), Loris Capirossi (19 = 8 x 125cc, 10 x 250cc, 1 x 500cc) and Wayne Gardner (18 x 500cc).

Those ten riders? 47% of all Honda’s 750 wins. Here’s to 750 more!