Miller: “Seeing Marc the whole race was really nice”

Eight consecutive top ten finishes and an equal best finish of the year at Le Mans for the Australian

Jack Miller (Alma Pramac Racing) impressed once again at the HJC Helmets Grand Prix de France, the Australian crossed the line in fourth to earn his eighth consecutive top ten finish and at the same time, equaled his best result of the year in P4.

Miller, who launched from seventh on the gird, was understandably pleased to be able to get within touching distance of the podium at Le Mans. “I’m happy… Well, content, let’s say. To be able to see Marc the whole race, and the top 3, to see them was really nice.”

The number 43 opted for the softer compound front and rear Michelin tyres in the race, however, he was a left feeling disappointed with how they performed. “I was a little disappointed with the soft tyre, I knew it was a risk,” explained Miller. “Because it was so hot, I got a lot of squishing, and I made a few little mistakes onto the back straight, I ran wide. Valentino was also on the soft and he made the same mistakes, if I didn’t make them I would have been able to make to compromise on his ones.”

So, all in all, not the easiest of days for Miller. Nevertheless, it was a day he was able to learn a lot from the riders in front of him, and despite not yet being “podium ready”, Miller admits days like today are preparing him well for future races.

“It wasn't an easy day, but another really learning day for me. We struggled a little with top speed, I was losing a lot on the front straight, most from the acceleration. I feel I really had to work hard today, I think it’s preparing me really well at the moment. We’re not quite ready for the podium just yet, but I think I’m learning more every time, and riding with these guys I’m getting a lot of experience. I hope in the races to come we can really fight for the podium, and not just be so close.”