MotoGP™ wins Best Multiscreen HbbTV Service Award

BT awarded the prize at the 2018 Hbb TV Awards Competition

At the 2018 Hbb TV Awards Competition, Dorna Sports were immensely proud to have supported BT and witness them pick up the “Best Multiscreen HbbTV Service Award” for their work in MotoGP™.

Dorna Sports have supported BT in their EU 2-Immerse project, enabling BT to develop a MotoGP™ demonstration that showcases a new concept in TV broadcasting called Object Based Broadcasting (OBB). This offers an alternative approach to programme creation and delivery which enables content producers, broadcasters and viewers to personalise their TV programmes, depending on their preferences. 

The MotoGP™ prototype, developed in 2-Immerse, was entered into the Hbb TV Awards Competition 2018 and won Best Multiscreen HbbTV Service and was runner-up in the Judges Grand Prix Prize. The Multi-screen MotoGP™ Service concept was praised for its innovation by the judges as “Very sophisticated application, HbbTV 2.0 and Multiscreen at the highest level.”