“Casa Marco Simoncelli” opens its doors

The house, intended for people with disabilities, was inaugurated on Sunday 20th January in memory of the former 250cc World Champion

On what would have been Marco Simoncelli’s 32nd birthday, the foundation that bears his name cut the ribbon and opened the doors to “Casa Marco Simoncelli”, an ambitious project that began five years ago. 

Inaugurazione Casa Marco Simoncelli

The ceremony, which was attended by Simoncelli’s father Paolo, his mother Rossella, fiancée Kate and Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta took place on Sunday 20th January at 11:30am, in Via della Repubblica, in Sant’ Andrea in Besanigo, located 2km from Coriano and 4km from Riccione. The ceremony was open to everyone who has supported the project from its very beginning.

Inaugurazione Casa Marco Simoncelli

The house is a day centre created by the “Dopo di Noi” project, and is intended for families that include people with severe disabilities, with the centre being managed by the community of Monte Tauro di Coriano – one ‘SuperSic’ was close to.

Inaugurazione Casa Marco Simoncelli

The house, made up of more than 1000 square metres, will offer solutions and dedicated services of the highest standard. These include sports facilities and recreational areas, such as a rehabilitation swimming pool, a gym and an equipped playground.

For more information, head to the Marco Simoncelli Foundation website.