Tony Skillington appointed FIM Chief Executive Officer

He has been a part of the FIM for almost thirty-years and Director of the Motocross Commission since 2014

The FIM is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Mr Tony Skillington as its Chief Executive Officer. Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1956 Tony has been a part of the FIM for almost thirty-years and Director of the Motocross Commission since 2014. 

Raised in a motorcycling family, the two-wheel world has been a part of his life as long as he can remember. He acquired his first motorcycle at 11 and for the next twenty years Tony Skillington competed in local and national competitions in the disciplines of Motocross and Enduro. During that time and through until the nineties, he was also involved in the promotion of various different motorcycle events across a range of disciplines including the Motocross Grand Prix events in Cork, Ireland from 1993 to 1996. 

Voted in as a member of the FIM Motocross Commission (CMS) in 1990, Tony saw his progression within the Motocross Commission rapidly recognised when he was elected CMS Vice President just two years later, a path that saw him become Director of the same Commission in 2014 and has brought his service to the FIM to 28 years in total. 

Back in Ireland, Tony has held a number of different positions within his own national federation, the MCUI, covering road racing and off road competition. Having served as a board member in MCUI from 1990 to 2003, he has always enjoyed a close working relationship with his colleagues back home who have been supportive of him throughout his FIM career. 

Relinquishing his temporary role as acting CEO, FIM President Jorge Viegas said: “Tony Skillington has a long experience working with the FIM, which stretches for almost thirty years. This will allow him to have a global vision of the challenges encountered and faced by the national federations, the promoters and the FIM commissions. He is highly respected by everyone in the FIM family and has a great personal manner. He is definitely the correct man for this role and will have the full support of the FIM staff in his work.”

Commenting on his appointment as FIM CEO, Tony Skillington added: “I am very honoured by the trust and encouragement received from the members of the FIM Family in confirming my appointment as FIM CEO. Using all my experience and skills gained over the last twenty-eight years of serving the FIM, I will do my absolute best to listen and address all the matters that fall under my control in my new position. It is also important to say that I have always had a motorcycle in my garage for my own pleasure and this is something that will not change until my last day on the planet. My passion for motorcycling is never ending.”