This is MotoGP™: Passion, by Valentino Rossi

Racing at 40 takes a lot of things, and passion is certainly one of them. Hear from ‘The Doctor’ on how passion has fueled his career...

One of the most frequently asked questions in the last years of my career is: “What brings you to compete at this level after so many years?” My answer is always the passion I have always had for this sport. I've always raced with emotion and it's the thing I like to do more. It would be impossible to do this job without passion and it would also be impossible to continue for so many years.

As I have always said, as long as I’m enjoying myself, I ride!

I approached bikes at a very young age. My father was a rider and I always went with him when he was training or racing. I really liked being in the middle of the engines and for this reason my father put me on a motorcycle or a kart very soon. I always wanted to race and from that moment I’ve never stopped.

I've always been on a motorcycle and I could not imagine doing anything else. If I wasn’t a motorcycle rider I would definitely want to be a sportsman.

After many years of racing, I can say that being a rider has changed a lot over time. Today the riders are incredible athletes. Physical preparation has become fundamental. I like sports and I try to train so much while riding. On weekends when I'm not busy with MotoGP™, I'm at the ranch with the guys in the VR46 Riders Academy. It's good training and it helps me a lot for the physical preparation for the races. Above all it is fun. We often train with mini bikes, karts...anything with an engine.

I enjoy it as much as I did when I started. Adrenaline is always a lot, maybe that's why I can’t go without it! I also do a lot of work in the gym but I prefer the bike, always! The routine on race weekends doesn’t bother me, on the contrary. Doing the same things, with a certain order, helps me keep my concentration high and to not forget anything.

I really like working with the team. I'm surrounded by people I trust and they're all big fans like me. The VR46 Riders Academy, the Sky Racing Team VR46, are all projects in which there is so much passion. 

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