“I’ll be honest, I teared up”

Crafar and Hopkins talk about Quartararo’s Jerez weekend on the latest MotoGP™ Podcast, hear from Baldassarri and journalist Mat Oxley too

It’s time for the latest instalment of the MotoGP™ Podcast and joining hosts Matt Dunn and Fran Wyld this week are motogp.com’s pitlane reporter Simon Crafar and former Grand Prix rider John Hopkins, as the duo share their thoughts on Fabio Quartararo’s (Petronas Yamaha SRT) rollercoaster Spanish GP.

“He was clearly looking at the podium, he wasn’t dropping off Marc and he was leaving the others behind,” comments Crafar, who admits to tearing up when the 20-year-old had to retire from second place in Jerez. “When you’re looking at a MotoGP podium for the first time it’s like the Holy Grail for every motorcycle racer,” continues the former Grand Prix winner.

“Poor Quartararo, for him to be sure he’s going to do it and it’s right there for the taking…and then a mechanical failure stops him…I was outside the box when he pulled in and he was howling. It was just so sad, I’ll be honest, I teared up. I’m not trying to be dramatic I’m just trying to put across what it’s like for a rider, it’s the most important thing in your life and you’re about to get the Holy Grail, meaning you can stamp your fist on the table and say, “See? I am good enough. I’m this good and I can get a MotoGP podium.”

Fellow former Grand Prix rider Hopkins also shares his thoughts on the young Frenchman, with the American discussing just important confidence is in the world of motorcycle racing.

“I was just speaking to my old team manager yesterday and we were talking about just that – how confidence is so crucial in racing. For laptimes, for races. For anything,” explains Hopkins. “Confidence I think counts for so much more than any bike setup, anything you can do to the bike or any of your preparation leading into the race.

“Like Marquez’ redemption performance in his race, I think in the test Fabio showed in the pace he had yesterday…again, he wanted to redeem himself, show he was the man who had the laptime and could be right there. I’m really excited to see him going forward in the rest of the season now he knows he can be right there with Marquez and everyone else.”

Moto2™ World Championship leader Lorenzo Baldassarri (FlexBox HP 40) also features on this weeks’ MotoGP™ Podcast, the Italian talks about his career starting when he was three and a half years old to the current day. In addition, you’ll get to hear from MotoGP™ journalist Mat Oxley on life as a GP journalist, as well as his top tips on how to get the answers you want from riders.

It’s a jam-packed show this week, so head over to Spotify now to give it – and any others you haven’t – a listen! 

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