KymiRing continues preparations for MotoGP™ test

Safety of utmost importance for the new Finnish circuit

The latest inspection before the upcoming MotoGP™ test at the KymiRing was held on Monday 1st of July. FIM Safety Officer Franco Uncini, Dorna Race Direction representative Loris Capirossi and Dorna Sporting Senior Director Carlos Ezpeleta were pleased with safety issues, the layout of the circuit, and the progress of construction works, which are on schedule. Minor modifications were agreed and some others will be carried out after the test, with more experience gained from the event.


The visit was also a great opportunity to decide on smaller details for the track, like locations and lengths of the FIM kerbs and services for the test like flag, track and medical marshals.

President of Finnish Motorcycling Federation Tapio Nevala and KymiRing Circuit Director Timo Pohjola were both pleased with how the inspection had been carried out.


Tapio Nevala, President of Finnish Motorcycling Federation: “We got great feedback from the safety professionals and we are continuing to build KymiRing Circuit as one of the greatest circuits of the world.”

Franco Uncini, as the person in charge of the homologation, believes it will be a safe track, complying with all the current requirements, and definitely a hit with the riders, and Loris Capirossi was also complimentary about the layout. He said it will be a challenging one for the riders after doing a couple of quick laps by car, with the Italian also eager to ride it.


Carlos Ezpeleta, Dorna Sporting Senior Director: “The progress we saw was amazing and we believe the track will be ready for the test on the 19th to 20th of August. The layout of the track is great and we hope it will lead to exciting racing, everything seems to be happening on schedule and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the first MotoGP™ bikes on track at the KymiRing soon.”

The MotoGP™ manufacturers test teams head to the KymiRing from the 19th to 20th of August.