A look at Pro Draft contestants from the World Selection

36 gamers from ten different countries will be participating in the first round of the MotoGP™ eSport Championship Pro Draft selection

August 1st marks the first day of the second round of the 2019 MotoGP™ eSport Championship with 36 gamers from ten different countries participating in the first round of the Pro Draft selection.

Players had six Online Challenges to post a lap time worthy of Pro Draft qualification. A total of 72 participants will slog it out in two categories – the Rest of the World and Europe – to seal a place in the all-new Global Series, a six-race championship that will be held at three different locations visited by the MotoGP™ World Championship.

Of the 36 qualifiers from the World Selection, ‘moe’ from Indonesia will be one of the favourites to make the cut. ‘moe’ made it all the way to the semi-finals in last year’s running of the MotoGP™ eSport Championship, but was unable to make it to the final.

Based on his speed during the Online Challenges, ‘IM LEGEND 83’ from South Africa will be another pre-race favourite. Both he and ‘moe’ topped the leaderboards in three of the six challenges.

Of the ten nationalities represented in the Pro Draft World Selection, twelve hail from Indonesia, comfortably the best-represented country. The USA is next up with eight participants while Brazil can boast of four contestants. Argentina and South Africa have three apiece, one more than Australia. Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic and India all have one entry apiece.

One of the more recognised names making a play for a spot in the Pro Draft was player Camb16, whose real-life name is none other than Cameron Beaubier. As well as one partnering reigning MotoGP™ World Champion Marc Marquez in the KTM Racing 125cc squad in 2009, Beaubier has gone on to enjoy great success in the national MotoAmerica series, where he has racked up three stunning titles in the Superbike class.

Despite classifying well in the third Online challenge with the Xbox One, Beaubier is unable to take his place in the Pro Draft due to racing commitments for the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing Team in the MotoAmerica EBC Brakes Superbike Championship.

The World Selection takes place from August 1-4. Gamers will have to contest Thailand’s Chang International Circuit aboard Jack Miller’s Pramac Ducati GP19.

Challenge #1:

PS4: FooXz (Brazil), Anditekaka63 (Indonesia)
Xbox One: SiqueiraRJ (Brazil), Brendeeno94 (South Africa)
PC: moe (Indonesia), Adhi Primadi (Indonesia)

Challenge #2:

PS4: Bocah (Indonesia), Tamam (Indonesia)
Xbox One: IM LEGEND 83 (South Africa), Mareja (Brazil)
PC: Rionardo25 (Indonesia), shaazam95 (Indonesia)

Challenge #3:

PS4: Cristian (Argentina), Johnny46Ch1mp0 (USA)
Xbox One: Kuta916 (Australia), Kewinfeula (Brazil)
PC: Bruno93 (Argentina), Haidar (Indonesia)

Challenge #4:

PS4: GoldenboyRD (Dominicanan Republic), MrTftw (Australia)
Xbox One: macargol (USA), rikus887 (South Africa)
PC: Germarnosryan (Indonesia), Deacyl94 (Indonesia)

Challenge #5:

PS4: Yeiri (Indonesia), Tbstevens (USA)
Xbox One: ROCKGOD 01 (USA), TC617 (USA)
PC: Shoupadoop46 (USA), LiMiT (Canada)

Challenge #6:

PS4: SUPREMASIA (Chile), Nanchy (Argentina)
Xbox One: Uncle AL (USA), RoXxX RuLeS (India)
PC: robilaphoto (Indonesia), Torrential (USA)

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