Red Bull Ring type rear tyre to be used in Thailand

Due to the Chang International Circuit’s layout, a specific rear Michelin compound will be used at Round 15

The first fly-away race is an especially testing one for official MotoGP™ class tyre supplier Michelin. The Chang International Circuit’s layout means a different rear tyre construction will be used, one we don’t see at any other circuit apart from Austria’s Red Bull Ring.

Available in soft, medium and hard compounds, the tyre will feature a harder right-hand side. Both the Chang International Circuit and the Red Bull Ring use this specific construction to control the build-up of heat that is generated, giving the riders maximum performance without any compromise from overheating. Accompanying the rear tyres will be symmetric designed front soft, medium and hard slicks, compounds that have been chosen based on data from last season’s race and the test in Thailand.

Rain season in Northeast Thailand occurs between late August to mid-October, so there is a strong chance that we could see wet weather in Buriram. Available in soft and medium, the rain tyres match their slick counterparts: symmetric finish on the fronts, asymmetric with a harder right-hand side on the rears.

Piero Taramasso – Michelin Motorsport Two-Wheel Manager: “This is our third visit to Buriram following the test and race there last year and each time we have learned more and been able to assess the tyres and makes changes for the next visit. It is a very severe track on rear tyres and creates a lot of heat for the rubber, so we have a special construction – which we also use just in Austria – to counteract this situation. Last year we were told it would be cooler and wet during October, but it was hot and dry, so we have prepared a range of tyres that can contend with all conditions. There was a big crowd at Buriram last year and it was a great event, we are sure it will be the same this year and that Michelin will play a part in giving the fans a race to enjoy.”

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