Kornfeil announces retirement ahead of 2020 season

Czech Moto3™ rider won’t take part in the upcoming campaign due to financial problems

Moto3™ rider Jakub Kornfeil has announced he will no longer take part in the 2020 season with BOE Skull Rider Mugen Race due to financial reasons.

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“At the end of the season, in Valencia, I never imagined that this would be the last race of my career in the MotoGP™ Championship,” said the Czech rider on his personal Instagram account. This comes after Kornfeil had agreed to race for BOE Skull Rider Mugen Race for this season in September 2019, but financial trouble means Kornfeil can longer continue to participate on the world stage.

“I still have a valid contract with the team, but I was forced to make this very important decision for my life,” continued Kornfeil. “I should have started the season on a different budget than what I thought, what I hoped to have, and I wouldn’t even have the certainty of reaching the race at Mugello. I still feel like a winner, even if I never won the title. I’ve always tried to do my best both on and off the track.”

Jakub Kornfeil, Redox PruestlGP, Motul TT Assen

The 26-year-old, who achieved five podiums and a pole position in the World Championship, didn’t specify what his future plans will be.

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