Clinica Mobile chief explains Covid-19 situation in Italy

Michele Zasa shares some strong truths about coronavirus as Mugello lends a helping hand

In light of the situation we’re currently in, Michele Zasa, the head of MotoGP™’s Clinica Mobile, spoke with Italian publisher Gazzetta to share some strong truths of where we’re currently at with Covid-19, and how seriously we should be taking this.

Zasa is currently among the many doctors and other medical staff on the front line in Italy who are relentlessly working, and it angers him to see the amount of people who are still ignoring orders to #StayAtHome – a message that needs to be listened to across the globe.

“I have seen many heavy things in my life as a doctor, but here we are beyond, we have not yet reached the peak but the situation is very bad. We are at war, and I would like to make it clear. We get calls, go to people's homes and it's almost always for Covid-19. And the first to risk are precisely the health workers, the volunteers, the workers of the Civil Protection, who in a very short time had to be prepared for a situation of absolute emergency. I assure you that for all of us it is constant and very high stress, because we must follow very strict procedures to avoid possible contact with patients.

Michele Zasa - Covid19 crisis

“The real problem now is to see so many young people starting to feel bad. Yet in the streets you see people sitting on benches, walking, running. Italy has become a nation of runners! We fight against an invisible army, but so many people who don't give a damn risk increasing the infections. And we health workers are already exhausted. It's the third world war, people have to start understanding it.”

In light of the continued fight against Covid-19, Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello has been doing their bit to help. Two lung ventilators, two intensive care monitors, four defibrillator monitors, a digital ultrasound and other resuscitation materials, already present in the Mugello medical centre, have been delivered in the past few days to the Tuscany Region.

An automatic respirator with a monitor and an ultrasound scanner has been donated to the Mugello Hospital in Borgo San Lorenzo to upgrade the intensive care units. The Careggi polyclinic in Florence received all the instrumentation for a second resuscitation bed together with the four defibrillators.

“We immediately reported our availability to the mayor of Scarperia and San Piero Federico Ignesti,” commented the Mugello CEO Paolo Poli. “In a time of difficulty such as the current one, everyone's efforts must focus on the sole objective of giving an immediate response to the emergency. The availability of resuscitation equipment already present in the medical centre of the racetrack is a small gesture in support of the extraordinary contribution of professionalism provided by all operators in the health system, who watch over our health.”

Covid-19 needs to be taken extremely seriously. Please, #StayAtHome and enjoy every ounce of content has to offer you during this difficult time! 

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