Meet the names in this year's MotoGP™ eSport Draft Selection

A total of 22 gamers made the cut for this year’s MotoGP™ eSport Draft Selection. Let’s have a closer look at how they qualified

The first stage of the 2020 MotoGP™ eSport Championship has drawn to a close and 22 gamers have entered into the Draft Selection, from which the eleven current MotoGP™ teams will choose a name to represent them in the Global Series.

Consisting of three Online Challenges, this season’s Pro Draft decided on the 16 fastest gamers from Europe and six from the Rest of the World. Each gamer received points depending on their place in each Challenge and the ones with the most points at the end of Challenge qualified.

From this pool of 22, each MotoGP™ team will choose one gamer to participate in the Global Series in their colours, as well as one ‘Reserve’ rider in case of injury, sickness, or extraordinary circumstance. MotoGP™ teams have from 6th of April to 17th of April to make this decision.

Three gamers have already been signed by MotoGP teams for the Global Series, with Ducati Corse announcing the signing of reigning eSport Champion AndrewZH champion yesterday. Meanwhile both Trastevere73, a double eSport Champion, and Moe, will continue with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP™ and Castrol LCR Honda respectively, also their selected teams in 2019. 

Of the 16 riders to qualify from the European selection, three countries are represented with eight qualifying from Spain, six from Italy and two from the United Kingdom.

The Rest of the World classification was equally diverse, with gamers from five countries entered into the Draft Selection, including Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, and Taiwan.

From the European selection it was the Spanish brothers Williams_Cristian and Williams_Adrian – previously competing as CRISTIANMM17 and AADRIAN_26 in last year’s Global Series – topped the standings. 2019 finalists EleGhosT555 (fifth), Juan_nh16 (sixth), AndrewZh (eighth), trastevere73 (tenth) and XxBoMbeR_45xX (twelfth) were also present inside the top 16.

But a host of new names added spice to the competition. Italians fenny5vr46 and Riky were third and fourth while the UK’s Jack Hammer4658 was an impressive seventh.

The Brazilian FooXz headed the Rest of the World standings on 75 points, along with 2019 Global Series finalist MrTftw from Australia. There were also a host of excellent showings from Indonesian duo Sanshoqueen and Moe, in third and fourth.

European Classification:
1. Williams_Cristian 70 points
2. Williams_Adrian 70 points
3. fenny5vr46_ 65 points
4. Riky 61 points
5. EleGhosT555 61 points
6. Juan_nh16 56 points
7. Jack Hammer4658 49 points
8. AndrewZh 49 points
9. JulitoCampeon15 42 points
10. trastevere73 42 points
11. Motero_1 40 points
12. XxBoMbeR_45xX 39 points
13. Joel_Clay 36 points
14. Davidegallina23 35 points
15. wallydj 33 points
16. Vindex813 33 points

Rest of the World Classification:
1. FooXz 75 points
2. MrTftw 75 points
3. Sanshoqueen 70 points
4. Moe 65 points
5. 阿仁_14 60 points
6. bushino46 53 points

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